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WHEW! We finally finished working with almost 2000 GEM Buffalo Nickels and Walkers. Getting them regraded, imaged, and stickered was a huge under taking. But we will only offer the BEST coins from the collection on our web site, So far, we could only post 40 coins. Many more will be added next week and as time goes on.

This collection was amazing. It has a complete GEM FINEST GRADED NGC MS Buffalo NICKEL Set (18/7 MS65, 19D MS66, 26S MS66 etc) and pretty much TWO sets of Early Walkers. Yes, there is a 1919D-PCGS MS65 (it did not sticker). There are HUNDREDS of SUPERB GEM Walkers 1934-1947D.

It is Legends policy not to offer NON CAC coins on our web site. Since there were a few coins that we thought should have stickerd that did not, and are extremely rare, we are going to list them here. We do make one caveat: we probably will not be aggressive buyers of these coins down the road.


50C 1918S PCGS MS65 *****************$14,500.00

50C 1919D PCGS MS65*****************$225,000.00

50C 1920D PCGS MS65 *****************$15,000.00

50C 1921S PCGS MS65 *****************$69,500.00

50C 1929D PCGS MS66 ******************$4,750.00

50C 1936S PCGS MS66 ******************$1,450.00


5C 1913S TY I NGC MS67 ****************$3,950.00

5C 1919D NGC MS65 *******************$5,500.00

5C 1920D PCGS MS65 *******************$4,500.00

5C 1925S NGC MS65 *******************$12,500.00

5C 1936 TY I NGC PR68 *****************$8,950.00

5C 1936 BRILLIANT NGC PR68 ************$9,500.00

Please contact us if you have any questions about these coins. Really, these are not bad coins!

We’ll be back next week with a full regular Market Report about the ANA Show.

Have a great week!

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