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Liberty Coin Service: White-Tailed Buck in Front of Pictured Rocks Most Popular Design for 2018 Michigan Quarter!

By Liberty Coin Service ……
Out of 13 possible designs, the one featuring a white-tailed buck in front of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore was by far the most popular choice to appear on the forthcoming 2018 America the Beautiful Quarters® to honor Michigan in a survey of schools, coin collectors, and the general public conducted by Lansing’s Liberty Coin Service.

Said Liberty Coin Service Owner Tom Coulson:

2018 Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore America the Beautiful Coin Design Candidate MI-10. Image courtesy U.S. Mint

“Each of the 16 schools from Dewitt to Holt and Portland to Williamston that provided a quantity of student and staff surveys independently chose this design as the most popular. In all about one-third of survey responses picked this as the first choice. Over half the surveys listed this design as either the first, second, or third choice! In all more than 2,000 surveys were received from schools and hundreds more from others.”

Coulson continued:

“We conducted this unofficial, non-scientific survey because the U.S. Mint’s process for selecting the designs for the America the Beautiful Quarters® does not include any public input as occurred with the 2004 Michigan Statehood Quarter. We think that is wrong. Public participation in selecting coin designs encourages more collectors, which is something the U.S. Mint seeks to achieve. Almost everyone who was asked to fill out a survey was delighted to do so. Although the Mint considers other factors in selecting a coin design, we think public input deserves attention.”/span

Although this survey has no binding influence on the process of selecting which design will appear on this coin when it debuts in early 2018, Liberty Coin Service is sending copies of the results to Michigan Governor Snyder’s office and to the U.S. Mint.

The most popular design in the survey was the 10th of 13 candidates. To view all candidate designs, go to https://coinweek.com/us-mint-news/ccac-discuss-2018-america-beautiful-quarter-design-candidates. Pictures courtesy of the U.S. Mint.

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