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Like Comics? Check Out What’s Happening this Week at ComicWeek

By Charles Morgan for Coinweek …..

Hi Everybody,

CoinWeek Editor Charles Morgan here. If you haven’t heard, CoinWeek has published a new sister site dedicated to the world of comic books! Covering recent issues, classic stories, certified comics, and online comic auctions, ComicWeek brings the same level of fiercely independent and honest writing that coin collectors have enjoyed at CoinWeek for years. We’re very proud of the site and know that more than a few coin collectors also enjoy a great comic book every now and then.

Here’s a quick rundown of what ComicWeek covered this week.

Current Events

Heritage Comics May 12 Auction Prices: First IRON MAN leads the way!

On Sunday, May 12, Heritage Auctions offered a selection of over 900 comic books, illustrations, and related memorabilia, including hundreds of popular comic book titles graded and encapsulated by Certified Guaranty Corporation (CGC).

Here is a quick rundown of the Top 5 Auction Results from the sale and what these prices say about the current state of the certified comic market.

Comic Book Issue Reviews

1.) Pearl #9 (DC / Jinxworld)

PEARL is a new series by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos, creators of Jessica Jones. The series follows the rise of Pearl Tanaka through the Japanese criminal underworld. This series looks unlike anything you’ve ever seen and is destined for a tv or film adaptation.

Highly Recommended

2.) Naomi #5 (DC / Wonder Comics)

Meet DC Comics’ newest superhero, Naomi. This teenager’s life changed forever the day Superman and Mongul crashed into her sleepy town. Now armed with the knowledge of her true origin, Naomi may be Earth’s first line of defense against one of the multiverse’s most powerful enemies. The first issue of this series is already selling for $75 or more in the secondary market.

Highly Recommended

3.) Black Badge #10 (BOOM! Studios) 

In a mix of the Hunger Games and James Bond, the scouts of the Black Badge are one always one step away from a perilous end. In Issue #10 the Badges break free of their restraints and face a climactic final test. 


TV / Film

5.) It: Chapter Two (Warner Brothers)


Something Numismatic

What’s this? A vecturist token in the latest issue of The Batman Who Laughs? In this panel, Bruce Wayne holds in his hand a brass subway token with a face value of $1. The image engraved on the token shows a map of Gotham City. The piece reminds Bruce of a conversation that he had with his father. The memory keeps him grounded in a world that has grown increasingly insane.

Just goes to show, there’s numismatics in virtually everything!

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