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Like Comics? Check Out What’s Happening This Week at ComicWeek

Top 5 Comic Book Covers - ComicWeek

By Charles Morgan for Coinweek …..

Hi Everybody,

CoinWeek Editor Charles Morgan here. If you haven’t heard, CoinWeek has published a new sister site dedicated to the world of comic books! Covering recent issues, classic stories, certified comics, and online comic auctions, ComicWeek brings the same level of fiercely independent and honest writing that coin collectors have enjoyed at CoinWeek for years. We’re very proud of the site and know that more than a few coin collectors also enjoy a great comic book every now and then.

Here’s a quick rundown of what ComicWeek covered this week.

Current Events

Top 5 - Heritage Auctions May 16-18

Heritage Auctions May 16-18 Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction Results

From May 16-18, Heritage Auctions held one of the year’s most important auctions for collectors of comic books, comic art, and related memorabilia.

Featured were over 130 pieces, including original artworks by Jack Kirby, Murphy Anderson,  Herb Trimpe, and Charles Schulz. The iconic Frank Frazetta painting Egyptian Queen sold for more than $5 million. While CGC-certified examples of dozens of important Golden and Silver Age comics brought strong prices.

Comic Book Issue Reviews

1.) High Level #4 (DC/ Vertigo)

In Rob Sheridan’s post-apocalyptic sci-fi world, you don’t always get what you bargain for and if Thirteen ever wants to make it back, she’ll have to travel to a city that she’s never been to, cut through a swath of ravaged post-apocalyptic wasteland, outrun pursuers, double-crossers, and weirdos, and deliver the girl to a stranger she’s never met and hope that they will pay her the credits that were promised.

Highly Recommended

2.) American Carnage #7 (DC / Vertigo)

The first page of the comic starts out–color-wise, ink-wise, and panel-wise–like previous issues. Like her father in issue #6, Jennifer gets to deliver a power monologue of sorts to Rick as she asks/orders him to save her childhood friend Frank from her own father. 

Jennifer isn’t smiling either and she lets us know that she’s aware of the psychic harm her father has inflicted upon her. She walks outside to check in on Rick but something has gone wrong; as Rick is exploring Frank’s house, the artists manage to convey a range of emotions in Rick’s face even with the thick ‘n’ heavy inks. The last page reveals a surprising team-up that should make for an interesting issue #8.


3.) Road of Bones #1 (IDW)

Road of Bones is a new book written by Rich Douek, who’s been doing good work with IDW on a couple of their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lines. This is decidedly not a story for kids, and as his first foray into horror, Douek takes to it well. 


TV / Film

4.) Star Trek: Picard (Paramount Studios / CBS All Access)

The ComicWeek Giveaway

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Something Numismatic

What’s this? Femme fatale Red Sonja takes a quick bite of this highly-detailed coin to verify its authenticity. That’s one way to do it and it just goes to show, there’s numismatics in virtually everything!

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