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Like Comics? Check Out What’s Happening This Week at ComicWeek

By Charles Morgan for Coinweek …..

Hi Everybody,

CoinWeek Editor Charles Morgan here. If you haven’t heard, CoinWeek has published a new sister site dedicated to the world of comic books! Covering recent issues, classic stories, certified comics, and online comic auctions, ComicWeek brings the same level of fiercely independent and honest writing that coin collectors have enjoyed at CoinWeek for years. We’re very proud of the site and know that more than a few coin collectors also enjoy a great comic book every now and then.

Here’s a quick rundown of what ComicWeek covered this week.

Current Events

Heritage Auctions May 26 Internet Comic Book Auction

Heritage Auctions May 26 Sunday Internet Comics, Animation & Art Signature Auction Results

On May 26, Heritage Auctions held its weekly Internet Comics, Animation & Art auction.

Featured were over 900 pieces, including a Very Fine example of MAD #1, a beautiful copy of DC’s House of Secrets #92 (first appearance of Swamp Thing), and many more. ComicWeek surveyed the top five lots and put their prices realized in context.

Comic Book Issue Reviews

1.) Action Comics #1011 (DC)

Brian Michael Bendis at the helm of Superman and Action Comics is something large swaths of fandom are interested in reading. He’s doing what Bendis does: weaving A through N plots together into a dynamic world. A world where the jeopardy is real and the real jeopardy is nearly always hidden in plain sight.


2.) Ghost Tree #2 (IDW Publishing)

Ghost Tree is a four-issue mini-series from writer Bobby Curnow (Ward’s Valley, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and artist Simon Gane (They’re Not Like Us, Godzilla) that weaves together a rich and beautiful story about love, loss, the expectations of the modern world, and family. But more than any of this, it is also a story of memory, regret, and life’s potential unfulfilled.

Highly Recommended

3.) Road of Bones #1 (IDW)

One of the original Image launch titles, Savage Dragon is now up to its 244th issue. Over the course of the past 50 issues, the title has shifted its focus and followed the exploits of the Savage Dragon’s son, Malcolm. In the process, Larsen has elevated the 26-year-old title to new heights with stories that seem ripped right out of Golden and Silver Age comics, blended with a raucous menagerie of humor, debauchery, and violence. Maybe even in that order.

Highly Recommended

TV / Film

4.) Terminator: Dark Fate – Official Teaser Trailer (2019)

The ComicWeek Giveaway

Each week, ComicWeek is giving away a free CGC-graded comic. To enter into our ComicWeek Weekly Giveaway, click on this link to register.


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