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The CoinWeek LINKS Page is a summary of Coin and Currency Dealers, Organizations and Clubs, Auction firms, Mints and other Numismatic Businesses for which CoinWeek maintains individual custom content pages.

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Bullion & Precious Metals


US Coins

  • Legend Numismatics
  • Kedzie Koins
  • Gary Adkins & Associates
  • (Larry) Shapiro Rare Coin
  • National Coin Broker
  • Leo Frese Rare Coins
  • Jack Beymer Rare Coin
  • Early US Rare Coins
  • American Rare Coin Galleries
  • Fred Weinberg & Co
  • FastCoins
  • Tom Reynolds
  • Northeast Numismatics
  • Harry Laibstain Rare Coins
  • SilverTowne
  • Pinnacle Rarities
  • US Coins
  • Lee Minshul
  • Heritage Rare Coin Galleries
  • Kevin Lipton
  • John Hamrick Rare Coins
  • Mid-America Rare Coin Gallery
  • Miller’s Mint
  • NFC Coin
  • O’Connor Numismatics
  • The Penny Lady
  • Universal Coin & Bullion
  • U.S. Coins
  • South Gate Coins


Modern Coins


World Coins


Ancient Coins


Paper Money






Numismatic Organizations


Coin Clubs


Grading & Authentication

  • NGC
  • CAC
  • QA Coins
  • PCGS
  • Paper Money Guarantee PMG
  • ICG
  • PCGS Currency
  • Canadian Coin Grading Service




Books & Supplies


Misc. Sites of Interest


Coin & Currency Shows