Looking Through Lincoln Cents by: Charles D. Daughtrey

Pull a few pennies from your pocket. Take a close look. You may be holding an oddity that the U.S. Mint did not want you to find. Yet millions of them have found their way into general circulation. Many are worth hundreds of dollars. Experts call these anomalies “die varieties.”

Looking Through Lincoln Cents aims to keep the collector informed of the many recent developments in collecting Lincoln cents with special emphasis placed on die varieties. This book features hundreds of detailed photographs designed to aid the collector in finding, detecting, grading and eventually valuing Lincoln cent varieties. The author also points out a number of minor varieties that are often mistaken for rare varieties, or are simply too common to be considered collectible.

Looking Through Lincoln Cents does not just address die varieties, but all aspects of the Lincoln cent series required for a serious overview of the Lincoln cent series. For new and experienced collectors alike, this valuable reference will vastly expand your understanding of the Lincoln cent series and the many valuable die varieties found within it.

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Available through Zyrus press for $16.95

# ISBN-10: 0-9742371-9-1
# ISBN-13: 978-0974237190
# Edition: 2nd
# Publication Year: 2005
# Binding / Size: Paperback – 8.5 x 5.5
# Photos / Illustrations: 400+ B&W Photos
# Pages: 335

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