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MA-Shops: A Brief Sampling of Banknotes

By Joël van DamOwner, Joëlnumismatics, for MA-Shops.com ……

I wanted to discuss a topic about banknotes. So, I started searching for banknotes on MA-Shops. It came to my notice that MA-Shops has a great collection of banknotes for paper money collectors. In this blog, I will give a few examples of the banknotes and other kinds of currency that are available on MA-Shops.

One great banknote that is available on MA-Shops is this 1,000 gulden 1956 from the Netherlands.

1,000 gulden was during this time an enormous amount of money. And most people never saw (let alone handled) this banknote during the time it circulated. But its appearance is appealing to the eye. On the obverse we can see Rembrandt van Rijn, the famous Dutch painter of the 17th century. This iconography shows how proud the Netherlands is of its most famous painter from its “golden” age. This banknote is highly desired around the world because of his appearance and its reference to the internationally known Rembrandt van Rijn.

In this quality, this banknote is extremely rare and a jewel in every collection. A lot of other great Dutch banknotes can be found on MA-Shops.

1000 Gulden 1956 Netherlands

4,950.00 US$

  • Catalog number: M.154-1


20 Gulden 1941 Netherlands Emma

345.00 US$

  • Catalog: M.58-2

Portrait Queen Emma at right. 17th Century “Men-O-War” at left., Schreier’s Tower left and St. Nichlaas Church right (Both in Amsterdam).

* * *

Military Currency

You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to own a great piece of history in the form of a banknote.

For example, the so-called British Armed Forces Special Vouchers. They go around for between €1 and €1,000 (about $1.10 and $1,100 USD as of the time of publication). In the British-occupied regions, there was a black market. This black market was created by British soldiers who sold their own cheap food to the locals – especially in the British Zones in Germany and Austria after the Second World War. Therefore, the Ministry of Defense brought the special vouchers into circulation, for use in military canteens only. This also led to the prohibition of the normal currency in the canteens.

These banknotes were used in regions all over the world, such as said earlier in Germany and Austria but also in Japan and Singapore. The vouchers circulated until they fulfilled their last duty in West Berlin in 1979.

5 SHILLINGS (1946) England

150.00 US$

  • Catalog: Pick M13a

British Armed Forces – Special Voucher. 1.Serie.

Fun to Collect

The banknotes are divided into six series. The first five consist of 6 Pence to 1 pound vouchers – with the exception of the second series, which includes a 5 pounder. The last series was printed after the beginning of decimal coinage and was divided into three different denominations: 5 pence, 10 pence, and 50 pence. These banknotes generally aren’t tough to collect, though there are a few exceptions in the fourth and fifth series because these never really circulated.

Military banknotes are very popular to collect and you can buy them for anywhere from one euro or dollar to thousands of euros or dollars. MA-Shops has a great collection of military banknotes from several countries.

5 Mark 1955 GDR Military Currency

1,200.00 US$

  • Catalog: Rosenberg 374 b

Very rare

10 Kroner Military Denmark

440.00 US$

  • Catalog: P.M12

Military Authority Tripolitania – 10 Lire

185.00 US$

  • Catalog: M#4

* * *

About MA-Shops

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