MA-Shops Presents Comptoir des Monnaies Anciennes

Founded in 1977 in France (in Epernay, the world capital of Champagne), CDMA (Comptoir des Monnaies Anciennes) has placed itself among the leaders in its business in Europe , developing recognized expertise in Numismatics and offering today one of the largest coin catalogs on the Internet and is a member of MA-SHOPS

CDMA is the online destination for lovers of coins and banknotes who wish to start or complete a collection, or simply experience that magic emotion of holding an old coin in the palm of your hand.

Numismatics was reserved for an elite for far too long. With CDMA, we seek to meet every budget, all profiles, all countries. Our experts take as much pleasure in speaking with a history professor as they do advising a beginning young numismatist! We want to convince the world that a modern approach to coin collecting is possible. To buy a coin should not be an obstacle course but a real fun time.

CDMA offers comfort and ease of shopping online, but also all the guarantees of traditional e-commerce: secure delivery, the right to change your mind, and high-quality service.

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Some Current Highlights From the Shop

2 Louis D’or 1702 A France Louis XIV

13,650.00 US$

  • Weight: 13.52 g
  • Catalog: KM:335.1

Double Louis d’or, 1702, Paris. Laureate head right, Crowned back to back L’s with sceptre and hand of Justice crossed at
center behind circle,LVD XIIII D G FR ET NAV RE

8 Escudos 1861 O Mexico Oaxaca

4,350.00 US$

  • Weight: 27.03 g
  • Catalog: KM:383.10

Facing eagle, snake in beak, Hand holding cap on stick, open book, REPUBLICA MEXICANA.

10 Drachmai 1876 A Greece, George I

1,850.00 US$

  • Weight: 3.20 g
  • Mintage: 19.000
  • Catalog: KM:48

Young head right, Denomination and date within wreath.

5 Francs 1872 France Banknote

4,100.00 US$

Man standing at left, woman standing with staff at right. Three allegorical figures. Blue, denomination in black.

Medal 1708 Austria Siège de Lille

2,975.00 US$

  • Weight: 38.76 g
  • Diameter: 44.00 mm

Joseph Ier, Habsbourg; Engraver: Boskam.

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About MA-Shops

MA-Shops small sealMA-Shops is an internet marketplace headquartered in Europe. MA-Shops has assembled a network of reputable coin dealers – both large and small – onto one, easy-to- use platform to sell coins, paper currency, medals, military orders and stamps directly to the collector. Founded by German engineer Joachim Schwiening in 2005, MA- Shops is now the leading ”online collector mall” worldwide. Browsing through the site quickly reveals how wide and variegated the selection from MA-Shops and its associated dealers really is. In recent months, Schwiening and MA-Shops have made a concerted push into the American market.

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