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Meerkat on Final 2023 Pobjoy African Animal Mask Series Coin

The Pobjoy Mint Meerkat coin.

Pobjoy Mint announces the release of the sixth and last coin in the new series, ‘African Animal Masks’, featuring the meerkat. Issued on behalf of Sierra Leone, this new series has been produced in Virenium.

Africa is home to an abundance of wildlife, including some of the world’s most famous fauna. These unique and incredible animals are impressive in their own right and should you be lucky enough to witness them in their natural habitat, it will remain with you for years to come. Unfortunately, as the result of poaching and hunting the chances of sighting these magnificent beings in action is rapidly diminishing, with 27% of the world’s endangered animals residing in Africa alone.

Many years ago, Africa posed as a welcoming habitat for its residents, with hundreds of thousands of carnivorous mammals wandering in nearly every region of the continent. However, today only a fraction of them remain, their once-large territory has been reduced to only a few protected regions and they are under constant threat.

The design of the sixth and final coin features the head of a meerkat styled as though it is an African mask with a special incused rim that features an African pattern to continue the theme along with the animal’s name and value.

Meerkats have long been a firm favorite among tourists and safari goers. With their endearing appearance and comical antics, they are highly sociable and can be found throughout the desert. Despite their small size, meerkats are surprisingly resilient, often surviving attacks from venomous creatures. They can regularly be seen in large family groups throughout the day, but are most easily observed at dusk during their feeding hours.

This series features the following African Animals: Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, and Meerkat. The obverse of all coins will bear the Coat of Arms of Sierra Leone.


The Virenium coin is presented in a blue Pobjoy Mint presentation pouch. A collectors album is also available, sold separately.

Coin Specifications

Metal: Virenium
Diameter: 28.40 mm
Weight: 8.00 g
Issue Limit: 950

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