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Microsoft Now Accepting Bitcoins for App and Game Purchases


By Hubert Walker for CoinWeek ….


The tide is gradually changing in favor of Bitcoin.

Software giant Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) has long been considered by many to be relatively slow to respond to changes in the market. However, with this year’s departure of CEO Steve Ballmer and promotion of Microsoft veteran Satya Nadella, that appears to be changing.

Nadella has spent 22 years with the company, most recently as Executive Vice President of Cloud and Enterprise. In an address he delivered via email announcing his vision for fiscal year 2015, Nadella stated frankly that the computing world now revolves around cloud and mobile services and platforms.[1]

Thus it comes as little surprise to those who follow the industry that Microsoft announced today that it will now accept bitcoins online in exchange for Windows software, Windows phone apps and Xbox games, music and video.

Working with Bitcoin payment processor development company Bitpay, Microsoft is giving consumers the ability to use bitcoin to fund Microsoft wallets or gift cards. Direct payment is, so far, not an option, but depending on Microsoft’s experience–and the experience of its massive consumer base–it may simply be a matter of time.







[1] http://news.microsoft.com/ceo/index.html


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