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Modern World Coins – Three New Swiss Commemoratives

By The Federal Mint Swissmint ……
The Federal Mint Swissmint recently launched three new commemorative coins for collectors. The first coin celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Swiss National Circus Knie, a colored silver Proof coin. The second coin is also silver and honors the steamer Blümlisalp, which concludes the three-coin “Swiss Steamships” series. The third coin, commemorating the common deer, is bimetallic and inaugurates a new three-part series of “Swiss Forest Animals“.

100 Years Swiss National Circus Knie – 20-franc silver coin with color

Nie Circus 20 Franc coinThe historical roots of the Swiss National Circus Knie go back to the beginning of the 19th century when Friedrich Knie joined a group of artists and founded the circus dynasty Knie. The bedrock of their success today was laid by the Knie family almost 100 years ago with the decision to buy a tent on credit. The first performance in the 3,000-person Capiteau to celebrate on the Berner Schützenmatte was given on June 14, 1919. This opening show was an overwhelming success and the crowd was enormous. The idea for a tent circus thus laid down the basis for one of the world’s most famous and important circus companies.

Since then, the Circus Knie has inspired young and old with opulently staged programs in her ring. And while the Knie family has went through difficult times for a variety of reasons, thanks to mutual family support, determination and vision, the circus company repeatedly found its way back to success. Thanks to its international reputation, the Circus Knie has created many innovative programs and collaborated on various guest performances abroad. Among others, these partnerships include the Chinese National Circus (1984), the Moscow State Circus (1985), Mummenschanz (1988) and Cirque du Soleil (1992).

The Federal Mint Swissmint honors the 100th anniversary of the Swiss National Circus Knie with the issue of a 20-franc commemorative coin in silver. With this special coin, Swissmint launches a special embossing process that uses colored elements for the first time in the Mint’s history. This silver coin comes exclusively in Proof and is sold in a case with a numbered certificate of authenticity. Artwork accompanying the special coin shows the famous clown figure of the advertising graphic artist Herbert Leupin (1916-1999) from the year 1956, in color. In the focus of a headlamp, the clown juggles the diagonally stacked letters K / N / I / E. The design was realized by Swissmint engraver Remo Mascherini.

Steamship “Blümlisalp” – 20-franc silver coin

With its commissioning on July 31, 1906, the steamboat “Blümlisalp” towered over all other ships on the Thuner and Brienzersee in terms of size, efficiency and elegance. The two-deck saloon steamer from the time of the Belle Epoque was known as the “venerable lady”, and was the largest and the most luxurious saloon steamer on Lake Thun. With increasing competition, the “Blümlisalp”, the last paddle steamer on Lake Thun, was decommissioned on August 1, 1971 and narrowly escaped scrapping.

Thanks to great private investment, however, the “Blümlisalp” was ultimately saved and repaired. On May 22, 1992, the restored ship made its second maiden voyage and since then she is back in use as the flagship of the BLS fleet. The 100th birthday of the steamer took place over the winter 2005/2006. At the end of 2012, the steamer friends of the cooperative Vaporama handed over the “Blümlisalp”, acquired in 1989, for the symbolic price of one franc to the operating company BLS AG.

The steamship “Blümlisalp” has a length of 63.4 and a width of 13.3 meters and can accommodate 750 passengers. It has a sloping two-cylinder, 650 horsepower hot vapor composite engine with condensation and reaches a speed of 25 km / h.

The obverse design of the 20-franc silver coin features art by the marine painter Ueli Colombi from Merligen and shows the “Blümlisalp” from the front right. On the upper part of the coin are the recognizable technical outlines of a paddle wheel.

Swiss Forest Animals: Deer – 10-franc bimetallic coin

His grace, his beauty, and his elegance secure the shy deer (Capreolus capreolus) a top spot on the popularity scale of the native wild animals of Switzerland. But when the deer jumps high and far, it is on the run and has no time to lose. This is how most of us know it. A very shy animal, which, as soon as it senses danger, makes its way in high and long leaps. To observe a quiet grazing deer is therefore always a special experience.

Deer are widespread in Switzerland, mainly in the Central Plateau and the Prealps. The nocturnal animal usually populates forest margins and clearings, but increasingly it is also found in open agricultural land. Adult deer have a body length of .93 to 1.40 meters and reach a shoulder height between .54 and .84 meters. Depending on their nutritional status, they weigh between 11 and 34 kilograms. The roebucks have antlers while the reindeer or reindeer are without. As ruminants, deer are pure herbivores, preferring energy- and nutrient-rich plants. The Deer is the subject of the first bimetallic coin of the new three-part series “Swiss Forest Animals”.

The design of the image side of the 10-franc bimetallic coin was created by the East Swiss graphic artist and designer Naomi Andrea Giewald. In the Center of the picture is the head of a roe deer in profile to the left, to the right of which are the ribs of a leaf. The hoof marks of a deer are also recognizable on the outer ring.

These three new coins from Swissmint are available at www.swissmintshop.ch, as well as at selected coin dealers and retailers.

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About The Federal Mint Swissmint

The Federal Mint Swissmint is responsible for circulating coinage in Switzerland. The Mint also produces special coins and packages for the numismatic market. They also produce bimetallic coins, along with coins in silver and gold. Swissmint is also the official authority in Switzerland for authentication and provides experts for public and private clients.

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