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Monaco Rare Coins Announces Roman Earthquake Relief Fund

Ancient Roman Coins Offer Relief for Italy Earthquake Victims

Gold & Silver Romans Purchased This Month Generate a 5% Relief Fund Donation

By Monaco Rare Coins ……

Since before the age of Christ, Italy has had its share of natural disasters, from the volcano of Pompeii, to the burning of Rome under Caesar Nero, to the catastrophic 1908 Messina earthquake and tsunami. Once again, cities in Italy are rebuilding, and would greatly benefit from our assistance.

Roman Imperial, Nero Gold Aureus NGC XF. Image courtesy Monaco Rare CoinsOn August 24, 2016, three quaint ancient cities just 100 kilometers (60 miles) northeast of Rome were devastated by a 6.2 level earthquake. Sadly, hundreds perished, thousands were displaced and many thousands are mourning.

Resilient Roman and Umbrian residents are once again rebuilding, and many good citizens across the globe are assisting in the difficult challenge.

Italians are no stranger to laboring long hours. Given adequate tools and resources, the devastated areas near the bordering regions of Lazio and Umbria will once again be repaired, and its surviving residents healed and renewed. We at Monaco Rare Coins hope and intend to put strong ‘Romans’ to good use.

Gold and Silver Roman Coins are a treasured asset to investigate, collect, appreciate, enjoy, share and pass down to generations as a legacy asset. The attention to the ancient coin market in recent years has created a strong market for Roman coinage. Make a purchase, by check or wire, of any NGC-certified ancient item from Monaco during the month of September, and your purchase will generate a 5% relief fund donation.

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The Italian American Relief Fund is dedicated to providing relief for the victims affected by the August earthquake that struck Central Italy.

For information on direct donations and supporting organizations, go to https://www.italianamericanrelief.org/.

Own a fantastic piece of history while helping support the historic rebuilding of a treasured cultural past.

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