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Mortality, Abdication and Power – The Three Kings of 1936

Paying tribute to George V, Edward VIII and George VI, Downies is pleased to announce the newest addition to their unwavering range, The Three Kings of 1936. Infamously characterised by mortality, voluntary abdication and eventual power, the Three Kings of 1936 ultimately shaped the future and fate of the British Monarchy throughout this one incredible year.

The 2011 release showcases the profiles of these renowned leaders, in both a $5 50 gram 99.9% Silver Proof and a $200 2oz 99.99% Fine Gold. An official Niue Island legal tender issue, the obverse of both coins are distinguished by Ian Rank- Broadley’s portrayal of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Marking the significant event of three individuals ruling the British Monarchy in one calendar year, the Three Kings of 1936 are celebrated. Beginning with acceptance of the throne in 1910 upon the death of his father, George V’s rulings lead Britain throughout both the Great War and the Great Depression. Celebrating his Silver Jubilee in 1935, after suffering on-going health issues in the latter part of his reign, George V died peacefully in 1936, leaving the throne to his eldest son Edward, Prince of Wales.

Upon undertaking some his fathers duties due to illness, Edward VIII was willing and ready to take on the role of the monarch, however solely on his terms. With an unwavering passion for an forbidden American divorcee Wallis Simpson, King Edward was faced with the challenge to choose between his love and his throne. Upon deciding that he could not perform his duty without Wallis by his side, Edward VIII voluntarily abdicated the throne after just 325 days of his initial acceptance. To this day, Edward VIII had one of the shortest reigning monarchs in the British history!

Never expecting to take on the role of King, George VI became heir to the throne, becoming Britain’s third king within 11 months. A natural leader, George VI ruled Britain until his death in 1952.

Set for release on May 1 2011, Downies is pleased to continue its heritage of providing significant pieces on a global level, that strive to denote the importance of such historical events. Marketing Manager Alan Marks said yesterday that it is always a great honour for Downies to see such remarkable coin designs.

“Once again, we are pleased to provide our collectors with a unique piece of history” he said. “With a mintage of only 75 for the gold Proof and 2,500 for the silver Proof, these are sure to be one of the most sought after collectables to be released this year”.

Marking the 75th anniversary of this notorious reign, both releases are housed in matching timber presentation cases, and with a small mintages similar to other releases, the limited edition of the Three Kings of 1936 will provide only a select few the opportunity to acquire this numismatic masterpiece.

With both coins available from Downies; Shop 5 Town Hall Square Sydney or Shops 11 & 12 Block Arcade, 98-100 Elizabeth Street Melbourne, or Toll free 1300 788 358, the 2011 Three Kings of 1936 Silver Proof retails for $199.00 with the 2011 Three Kings of 1936 Gold Proof retailing for $5,450.00. Purchasers can also order online at www.downies.com.

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