Mystic Wolf Set From CIT Features Ultra High Relief Platinum Coin

Mystic Wolf


  • Mongolia. 25,000 Togrog 2021. Platinum .9995. 1 oz. Proof. 33 mm. Mintage: 199.


  • Mongolia. 25,000 Togrog 2021. Gold .9999. 1 oz. Proof. 33 mm. Mintage: 199.
  • Mongolia. 1000 Togrog 2021. Gold .9999. 1/10 oz. Proof. 16.5 mm. Mintage: 999.


  • Mongolia. 2000 Togrog 2021. Silver .999. 3 oz. Proof. 45 mm. Mintage: 500.
  • Mongolia. 500 Togrog 2021. Silver .999. 1 oz. Proof. 38.61 mm. Mintage: 2,500.


    Mongolia. 250 Togrog 2021. Copper. 50g. Prooflike. 38.61 mm. Mintage: 5,000.

All of them B. H. Mayer’s Kunstprägeanstalt, Munich; special technology: smartminting® (Ultra High Relief).

Description of the Coin

One side features the merged images of a depiction of a wolf’s head from the front and from the side. The other side depicts the snarling mouth of the wolf and its fangs; above it the coat of arms of the Bank of Mongolia, below in Cyrillic script the denomination; on the gold and silver issues below in Latin script MONGOLIA, weight, fineness, and material. The background is a complicated geometric pattern with the hidden year struck into the design.


With Mystic Wolf, CIT is following up the great success of Majestic Eagle, by means of which the Liechtenstein company illustrated the extended possibilities of smartminting at the World Money Fair 2020. For the first time in the history of coin minting, it was possible to create an ultra-high relief – which is more than 100% higher than what can be achieved through traditional smartminting – not only at certain places of the coin but wherever the artist wants to use ultra-high relief to achieve the most impressive effect possible.

Another new feature was that smartminting technology could be applied to other metals than gold and silver.

Whereas CIT presented a copper issue for the first time in 2020, it expanded its product range to include precious platinum issues in 2021. In terms of technology, platinum is the sublime discipline when it comes to minting coins. The material is both hard and brittle, which is why it is an incredible technical accomplishment to create an ultra-high relief issue in platinum.

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