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New 1804 Dollar Discoveries to be announced at CSNS Book Release Presentation on April 24th

Numismatic researcher Mark Ferguson has announced an April 24th presentation at the Central States Numismatic Society, where he plans to announce new findings he has uncovered while studying the famed “King of Coins”, the 1804 dollar. The event will take place at 6:00pm and will kick off the release of Ferguson’s new book, The Dollar of 1804 – The U.S. Mint’s Hidden Secret. According to Ferguson, the new findings will dispel age-old myths about the 1804 Dollar, “The King of American Coins,” by exhibiting new evidence from the 1880s and earlier, some signed.

Dexter-Bareford1804-dollarIn a conversation with CoinWeek, Ferguson, said that his book, which has been several years in the making, chronicles the true story of the Dexter 1804 Dollar, revealing newly discovered facts, not only about the Dexter Dollar, but about other 1804 Dollars as well. The author’s investigative journey into the origins of the famed coins began in 1989, after Ferguson acquired a 19th century work of art, commissioned by James Vila Dexter in commemoration of the 1804 dollar he purchased in 1885, for what was a record price at the time. 100 years later, the Dexter dollar set another world record, becoming the first coin to sell at public auction for $1 million.

In connection to the book’s release, Ferguson has published limited edition prints of J. V. Dexter’s 1887 artwork, and SilverTowne has produced silver replicas of the 1804 Dollar, which have been encapsulated by NGC.

The book release presentation will take place at the Central States Numismatic Society convention at 6:00 pm on Thursday, April 24th in room “Nirvana C.” A question and answer session and book signing will follow Ferguson’s presentation.

Those in attendance who register will be entered into a drawing for a package consisting of a limited edition print of James V. Dexter’s 1887 work of art, an autographed copy of the new book, The Dollar of 1804 – The U.S. Mint’s Hidden Secret, an 1804 Dollar silver replica encapsulated by NGC, and other bonuses. Interested persons who are unable to attend may register online at www.1804Dollar.com for a drawing of an autographed book and an NGC encapsulated replica of the 1804 Dollar valued at $99.00. Ferguson will also be signing books at the CSNS book signing table at noon on Friday and Saturday.



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  1. 1. How can a replica of a coin be worth $99?
    2. Why would a serious collector even want a coin that is obviously a replica?

    The story behind the 1804 Dollar is a fascinating one to be sure, but is there enough interest to warrant an entire book dedicated to it?

    • 1. Perhaps they’ve sold for this amount?
      2. Because they can’t afford a real one.

      Is there enough interest to warrant an entire book? YES! There was enough interest in the 1933 Double Eagle to warrant TWO books.

      • I apologize if my initial post came off sounding sarcastic and cold, but I guess that was just the mood I was in when I read the article. I guess I should not be surprised by anything that is sold or desired by people. For me personally I would never spend $100 on a replica coin. I don’t see them appreciating in value and the owner will always know he/she is not in possession of the real deal.

        But as they say, “To each his own”.

        • It’s all in a spirit of fun! That’s why we struck silver replicas of the 1804 Dollar. Even if you have the financial resources to buy one of the 15 known 1804 Dollars, you might not be able to actually buy one. 7 of them are in museums and 8 are owned by private collectors. They are rarely offered for sale and are each worth millions. Many collectors dream about owning an 1804 Dollar, but let’s face it, nearly all collectors are unable to do so. Owning a silver replica of an 1804 Dollar encapsulated by NGC is like making a fantasy come true for many collectors – in a spirit of fun!

  2. Looking forward to it but the Eliasberg 1913 Liberty Head nickel was the first coin to sell for over $1M at public auction [1996]. It was followed by the Eliasberg 1804 [1997] and then the Dexter 1804 a few years later.

    • Bruce is exactly right with his comments about the 1913 Liberty nickel being the first coin to sell at public auction for more than $1 million, which was in 1996. He should know, as he has owned both of these coin issues – the 1913 Liberty nickel and the 1804 Dollar and has been involved in trading coins at this lofty level. The Dexter 1804 Dollar was the first coin to sell at public auction at the $1 million level – $990,000 to be exact, back in 1989, missing the mark by only $10,000. That was an exciting sale (Auction ’89) and an exciting time in numismatics, just like Bruce’s purchase of the 1794 Dollar last year for more than $10 million. Thank you Bruce for having the courage and resources to blaze a trail into new territory for coin values!


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