New 50 Pence Coin From Pobjoy Features Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas

New 50 Pence Coin From Pobjoy Features Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas

Following the amazing success of the 2018 Father Christmas coin, Pobjoy Mint is proud to present a new design featuring Father ChristmasTM 2019.

Father ChristmasTM is a character derived from a British Children’s book written and illustrated by Raymond Briggs.

The books known as Father Christmas and Father Christmas Goes on Holiday were published in 1973 and 1975, respectively. Father Christmas in these publications is a different interpretation of the stereotypical character.

He still looks like the Santa we all know and love with his large white beard and red suit. However, Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas is rather grumpy and works from a normal house coping with everyday domestic chores with no Mrs. Claus or elves to assist him. The only other occupants of the house are his cat and dog and two reindeer.

The first book won the annual Kate Greenaway medal from the Library Association in 1973, which recognized the year’s best children’s book illustration by a British subject. In addition, for the 50th Anniversary of the medal in 2005, a panel named it one of the top 10 winning works.

The design shows an illustration from Raymond Brigg’s book showing Father Christmas with his dog at his feet and his cat sitting on his shoulder. The inscription reads ‘Father Christmas’ and the value ‘FIFTY PENCE’ is shown at the base. Approved by the Licensor and Buckingham Palace, which is very fitting as in the book the last delivery is to the Palace, the obverse of the coin carries the Pobjoy Mint effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

This stunning 50 Pence coin has now been struck in Cupro Nickel Diamond Finish Colored and Uncolored, all Proof Sterling Silver colored Silver Piedfort Colored and Proof 22ct Gold.

Father Christmas 2019 50p product info, courtesy Pobjoy Mint


The Cupro Nickel Diamond Finish coin in color will be presented in a Christmas card and the uncolored coin in a decoration card. The Silver and Gold coins will be presented in a beautiful red box with a Certificate of Authenticity. The Proof Sterling Silver and 22ct Gold version coins will be struck exclusively for a client.

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FATHER CHRISTMASTM by Raymond Briggs. © Raymond Briggs/Blooming Productions 2019.


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