New Book Explores World of Leading Bullion Coins

The World of Leading Bullion Coins

By Metals Focus ……

On October 17, The Perth Mint, The Austrian Mint, The Royal Canadian Mint, The Rand Refinery, The Royal Mint and Metals Focus are pleased to announce the launch of The World of Leading Bullion Coins, at an event at the LBMA/LPPM Conference in Barcelona. We are grateful for the support of these sponsors in helping Metals Focus to produce this reference book.

The World of Leading Bullion Coins details a historical account of each mint, including stunning product photography of the full suite of their coins available for the investor community. Together, these represent the vast majority of those traded in the international market. This book also touches on why gold continues to resonate with the investor community and looks at some of the other ways in which coin investors can gain exposure to precious metals.

In addition to gold, The World of Leading Bullion Coins charts the development of silver bullion coins, the more recent additions of platinum, and, finally, palladium coins. Together, these help coin investors gain exposure across the precious metal complex. Overall, many of these coins have had a notable bearing on consumption. Taken together, modern-day gold bullion coins have consumed some 5,000 tons (160 million ounces) of gold, while silver bullion coins have accounted for around 33,000 tons (over one billion ounces) of silver demand.

The modern era of the bullion coin as an investment began in 1967 with the launch of the 22-carat gold bullion Krugerrand.

During the late 1970s and 1980s, the sector quickly grew to include the Canadian Maple Leaf (1979), the Chinese Panda (1982), the American Eagle (1986), the Australian Kangaroo and the UK Britannia (1987) and the Austrian Vienna Philharmonic (1989).

In addition, the British Sovereign was re-launched in 1957, in response to the popularity of the one and two rand gold coins struck in South Africa (which were first issued in 1952).

The fact that government-minted bullion coins are still relevant to investors and collectors today is testament to the advantages that their ownership can bring as a portable store of value. These include direct exposure to the underlying precious metal value, the integrity of the state owned mints which produce them, the legal tender status of many bullion coins and ease with which they can be purchased and readily sold as the need arises.

Philip Newman, Director of Metals Focus, commented “These characteristics help explain the surge in investor demand for bullion coins during and since the last financial crisis, as investors shifted their focus towards precious metals in physical form.”

For a hard copy of the book, please contact one of the sponsoring Mints or email Metals Focus at [email protected].

A flipbook and PDF will also be available to view on many precious metals websites, including our own at

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