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New Books for Coin Collectors

One of the great things about writing is that people send you stuff and at the top of this list are books about coins. So just when you think you have seen most of everything in print a new book brightens the scene.

The first is called The Secret History of the First U.S. Mint by Joel Orosz and Leonard Augsburger. My first reaction to the title was actually negative in that I thought how much new information can possibly be presented but with a forward by Eric P. Newman, one of the great numismatic scholars of my time I just could not resist. What a great book which is worth your money especially if you are interested in the way things were done a long time ago. Highly recommended.

The second book is also of interest to me because for years I have seen interest in numismatics decline for our younger collectors because rare coins have advanced in price. When I was young the majority of my collection came from my paper route because key coins could still be found in circulation but today this is no longer the case. And while this book is directed at youngsters on a budget virtually anyone with a new and developing interest in collecting can benefit from a quick read as Kevin Flynn offers a number of novel and interesting ideas to keep numismatics fresh and inexpensive.

I also recommend this book if you have youngsters and would like to introduce them to a lifetime of fun and education. Coin Collecting for the Next Generation by Kevin Flynn is available for $12.95 per copy.

Contact Kyle Vick at Stanton Books and Stone Mountain Supply, 1570 Holcomb Bridge Rd., Suite 120, Roswell, GA 30076. Phone: (800) 828-8306. The money for this project was supplied by The Professional Numismatists Guild which continues to make a positive difference in the field of collecting.

Richard Schwary
Richard Schwary
Real Answers To Investment Questions With Richard Schwary, president of California Numismatic Investments. Richard is well known in the dealer community for he helped write the $1000 sales tax exception law regarding bullion and rare coin sales within California. He is a long time price contributor to A Guide Book of United States Coins, the premium pricing guide for US coins since 1947. He attends national shows for the latest market information, and was a Director of The Professional Numismatists Guild for more than a decade, serving as President from 1997-1999. http://www.golddealer.com/

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