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New Civil War Showcase Added to PAN Coin Show

New Civil War Showcase Added to PAN Coin Show

No Small Change Programs (Maryland) and “PAN”, Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists Foundation Together Host the Inaugural Civil War Money & Memorabilia Showcase


The Civil War Money & Memorabilia Showcase is launched to honor the 160th Anniversary of the Civil War. It will demonstrate how money changed the war and how the Civil War changed our money, including the lasting legacies we see today. The Showcase will be hosted at the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists (PAN) Coin Show. The Showcase will include exhibits, talks, and “show and tell”-type presentations suitable for all ages. Topics and exhibits include minting, printing, and counterfeiting matters of the Civil War.


  • May 19-21, 2022


  • May 19: noon – 4 pm
  • May 20: 10 am. to 6 pm
  • May 21: 10 am – 4 pm


  • Monroeville Convention Center
  • 209 Mall Blvd, Monroeville, PA

The Monroeville Convention Center is fully accessible for persons with disabilities. There is no charge but valid identification is required to enter. Contact Rebecca Rush at (240) 625-2583 or [email protected] for more nformation.

Highlights of the Civil War Showcase

The following is a sampling of some of the presentations, exhibits, and programs in the works. Detailed schedules and times will be available at the websites for and

1. Special Exhibits and Programs: The Gold of the SS Central America

Robert (“Bob”) D. Evans, Historian and Curator of the SS Central America’s gold recovery, will share images and stories about the process of recovering millions of dollars of gold coins and bars from 800 ft. depth in the Atlantic Ocean. When this tragedy happened in 1857, it caused a national banking panic. With author Rick Lank, they will expand on how the sinking of Central America was part of the calamitous pre-war professional background of U.S. General William Tecumseh Sherman… the banker!

2. Featured Program: Money Matters of the Civil War

Living historian Dennis Boggs, portraying President Abraham Lincoln, will “chat” with Rebecca Rush and Rick Lank about what would have been in HIS wallet in 1862 and 1863! Stories will include segments such as “No Small Change: Tsunami of Store Tokens” and “Fresh Off the Press: the U.S. Treasury Prints Greenbacks, our First U.S. Paper Money”.

3. Featured Program: The Furious Flight of the Confederate Treasure Train

Author Rick Lank tells tales about trainloads of trunks and barrels of gold, silver, copper, and paper money secretly hustled out of Richmond, Virginia after the Confederacy fell to the Union in April 1865. Based on the book of the same name, Lank follows one or more trains rolling through the South to their final ends, on and off the rails.

4. Talks in Ten (minutes): Encased Postage

Wayne Homren, Editor of the E-Sylum numismatic newsletter, will share information about the incredibly creative use of “encased postage” during the Civil War because there was, truly, “No Small Change”.

5. Talks in Ten (minutes): Loyal Women: Memorabilia and Collectibles Honoring Women’s Civil War History

Rebecca Rush discusses the Women’s Relief Corp (Auxiliary of the Grand Army of the Republic) and memorabilia honoring other “Loyal Women of America” who provided Homefront relief work and raised millions of dollars through Sanitary Fairs.

Sponsorships Will Be Appreciated

Sponsors are actively being sought for our Abraham Lincoln segments, for FILMING the sessions, and for each Exhibitor.

The sponsor’s logo and appropriate recognition will be associated with the overall Showcase and with sponsored exhibits, special programs, and the new Talks-in-Ten series.

Contact Rebecca Rush using the information above for proposed sponsorship levels.

Presenter’s brief bios, sponsor information, and additional programs will be updated weekly at

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