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The history of the Prohibition Era in America cannot be written without including arguably the most notorious figure who dominated the scene, Al Capone. Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1899, Al Capone started off life rather humbly until he quit school after sixth grade and joined a local street gang. His early life of crime led to him coming to Chicago in 1920 where he joined Johnny Torrio in the infamous Colosimo Mob.

capone_1The era of Prohibition led to the wide illegal distribution of beer, liquor and distilled spirits which was making mob gangs such as Colosimo a fortune. Johnny Torrio took over the gang after the death of Big Jim Colosimo and Capone was his right hand man. Along with selling illegal spirits, the mob branched out into legitimate businesses as well to increase their income as well as influence the local government in Chicago.

“Scarface Al” Capone took over the gang in 1925 when Torrio was seriously wounded and retired from the gang. Capone’s ruthless nature and ambition quickly vaulted him to the top of the public enemies list. During that time, most of the rival gangs in Chicago were wiped out by Capone’s mob and he became the crime lord of the city.

capone_2February 14th, 1929 was the day of the infamous St. Valentine’s Day Massacre where Capone’s gang eliminated the rest of his rivals. The FBI had been investigating Capone will little result since they couldn’t nail him with any direct charges. However, what finally did him in after years of work was being convicted of tax evasion charges that put him in jail for years and effective ended his career and he died in 1947 in many ways a shell of his former self.

Interest in Capone’s image and legacy has continued to this day from the infamous opening of Capone’s vault to various items that he owned over the years.

Recently, Al Capone’s revolver, a rather ordinary Colt .38 Police Positive double-action was recently sold at Christie’s auction for a remarkable $109,080. Although it was just a little shy of the upper estimates of what the gun would sell for, it does speak to the fascination that so many people have with Al Capone.

The Al Capone Coin

The 1 oz. silver coin that has been minted to feature Al Capone represents the importance his place was in establishing the Mob era in the United States during the 1920’s. The specifications of the coin are as follows;

The coin itself features the famous mug shot of the gangster as a classic “Wanted” poster of the time. Along with the two photos of Al Capone is the date of his birth and death along with the famous “History of Public Enemies” logo that is part of the collection.

In addition, there is a rim from an actual recycled 38 Cal. round that is embedded in the coin. Each rim is unique and has its own stamp on the primer. In addition, the rims have the name of the manufacturer which may be different depending on the coin. The antique finish makes this a rare, collectible gift for anyone who loves this era. Plus, the novelty of the coin itself is something to behold.

For those who are looking at collecting a coin featuring one of the most interesting and notorious figures of the day, the Al Capone 1 oz. Silver coin is certainly one to get

Pre-order availble at  Coins Boutique (division of Art Of Craft)

Release May 2015. Strictly 1 coin per household.

Legal Tender: Central African Republic
Year of issue: 2015
Face Value: 1000 Francs
Metal: Silver
Purity: .999/1000
Weight: 1 try oz
Quality: Antique Finish, Partly Colored
Dimensions: 38×30 mm
Insert: Rim from real recycled rounds
Mintage: 1038 pcs worldwide
COA: Yes

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