New CoinWeek American Silver Eagle Price Guide with “CoinWeek IQ” Tracks Popular series

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New CoinWeek American Silver Eagle Price Guide with “CoinWeek IQ
Tracks Value Range, Population Change, Market Share, and More than 1,000 Label Inserts

With more than 370 million coins struck by the United States Mint since the program began in 1986, the American Silver Eagle is the most popular bullion coin program in the world.

It is also one of the most important and lucrative market segments for the numismatic industry. To date, the hobby’s two leading grading services–PCGS and NGC–have combined to certify more than 14 million American Silver Eagles.

In the process, the services have introduced a number of market innovations: from First Strike / Early Release coin certification to a wide array of novelty label concepts.

Despite the series’ mainstream popularity, no comprehensive regularly-updated reference work or price guide to the series has ever been published online… until now.

We are proud to introduce the CoinWeek American Silver Eagle Price Guide.

CoinWeek American Silver Eagle Price Guide Key Features:

  • CoinWeek Value Range Prices: A statistics-based approach to coin values that gives users a realistic picture of the current state of the market for a given issue.
  • Regular Updates: CoinWeek’s price evaluators do a complete price analysis of the series every month. No longer do collectors have to rely on stale prices.
  • Population Tracking: Track certified populations by service and grade, and see population changes year-to-date.
  • CoinWeek IQ Analysis: CoinWeek breaks down the numbers and provides easy-to-understand metrics to give you the most in-depth overview of the series that you’ll find anywhere.
  • Label Insert Image Archive: In order to illustrate the various methods used by the grading services and coin marketers to promote the series, CoinWeek has collected more than 1,000 label insert images.
  • And Much More: Exclusive Collector Guides, Monthly Analytical Articles, and all the information collectors need to know about Milk Spots.

The CoinWeek American Silver Eagle Price Guide is now live and in Open Beta. For the next month, CoinWeek will track and upgrade the guide’s performance, take user input, and develop additional features.

We encourage all coin enthusiasts to use the CoinWeek American Silver Eagle Price Guide for up-to-date information about the United States’ most popular contemporary coin program.

Price Guide Website:

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