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Podlaski Gabinet Numizmatyczny

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Marek Melcer’s Podlaski Gabinet Numizmatyczny was officially established in the year 2000. From the beginning the company’s main mission has been aimed at reliable coin evaluation and coin grading.

Since 1999 we have organized 15 professional numismatic auctions together with the Poznanski Dom Aukcyjny. Through all these years, Podlaski Gabinet has gained substantial experience in the coin trade and coin grading.

They are the first Polish company (and one of only three total) invited to join the prestigious German organization Der Verband der deutschen Münzenhändler e.V affiliating associations that deal with only licensed numismatic sales.

Podlaski Gabinet helps collectors to build up or even create their coin collections. They are in close partnership with many numismatic companies and auction houses both in Poland and abroad. What is more, Podlaski Gabinet is actively present at the majority of important exchanges and numismatic auctions. It allows them to professionally represent their clients to purchase numismatic items on their behalf and with the highest level of expertise.

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Nice coins offered by this dealer include, but are not limited to, the following:

August II Thaler 1717, Dresden mint

4,150.00 US$

  • Silver: 45 mm
  • Weight: 29,30 g
  • Catalogue References: Kopicki 11119 R4, Kaminski 629, Gumowski 2106

Very attractive and rare thaler minted to commemorate the death of the mother of Frederick Augustus I, Anna Sophia.

1/2 Rouble 1819 NC Russia

3,500.00 US$

  • Weight: 10.36 g Diameter: 28.00 mm
  • Catalogue References: Bitkin 163, KM C# 129
  • Condition: Scarce in this condition

Stater Kingdom of Macedon

2,500.00 US$

  • Gold: 17 mm
  • Weight: 8.58 g
  • Diameter: 17.00 mm
  • Catalogue references: Le Rider 70

Ancient Greece. Kingdom of Macedon. Philip II 359-336 BCE. Amphipolis mint. Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo right. Reverse: Charioteer driving biga right, holding kentron in right hand, reins in left; ivy leaf below horses.

German New Guinea 5 Marks 1894

2,125.00 US$

  • Weight: 27.77 g
  • Diameter: 38.00 mm
  • Catalogue References: KM 5

Australia 100 dollars 2010 P. High Relief Koala

1,650.00 US$

  • Gold: 1oz
  • Weight: 31.10 g
  • Diameter: 27.00 mm
  • Catalogue References: KM 1469

Certificate PCGS PR 69 DCAM, scarce, low mintage of 2,000 pcs. Proof – High Relief

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