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As usual, MA-Shops continues to feature some of the best world coins available on the market, and the latest “top 5” list is no exception. Highlighting coins predominantly from Germany in the early modern historical era, the offerings go as far afield as China and a 150-yuan, 20 oz. silver Proof Unicorn from 1995. Only 500 specimens of this issue were ever minted.

Additionally, Austria is represented by a 14-florin Lion d’Or gold piece from 1790.

To find out more about each individual coin, please click on the respective title of the coin you are interested in. Coins can go fast on, so move quickly before it’s too late…

…But don’t let this list fool you – there’s so much more for every budget online. Be sure to check out what Emporium Hamburg, Münzenkabinett Frank and the multitude of other sellers on MA-Shops have to offer.

  1. GERMAN, BRAUNSCHWEIG-LÜNEBURG: 1680 Calenberg-Hannover Löser at 2 Talers. VFGermany, Braunschweig-Lüneburg: 1680 Calenberg-Hannover Löser at 2 Talers. Courtesy Emporium Hamburg & MA-Shops

    Price: US$12,145.66

  2. GERMAN, ANHALT-BERNBURG: 1747 Reichstaler. EF3706_616

    Price: US$12,790.76

  3. GERMAN, BRANDENBURG: 1638 Georg Wilhelm Gold Ducat. NGC MS-61brand_ducat_ngc

    Price: US$13,235.65

  4. CHINA: 1995 150 Yuan, .999 Fine 20 oz Silver Unicorn. ProofChina: 1995 150-yuan .999 fine 20 oz silver Proof Unicorn

    Price: US$13,235.65

  5. AUSTRIA: 1790 Habsburg Lion d’Or 14 Florins. Choice UncirculatedAustria: 1790 Habsburg Lion d'Or 14 Florins.

    Price: US$13,341.32

About MA Shops

MA Shops is an internet marketplace headquartered in Germany that works with a network of predominantly European coin dealers to sell coins, paper currency, medals, military orders and decorations, stamps and even bottles of wine directly to the collector. Founded by Joachim Schwiening, MA Shops offers a wide variety of Ancient, Modern, World and U.S. coins. For an introductory video, click here.

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