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New World Commemorative Coins from Swiss Mint: Yodeling & Steamship Uri

Swiss Mint

By The Federal Mint Swissmint ….

On 4 May 2017 the Federal Mint Swissmint launched two new ones Special coins for collectors and lovers. Just in time for the Swiss Jodlerfest (Yodeling Festival) in Brig-Glis appears a silver commemorative coin featuring an iodine miner. The second silver coin features the oldest paddle-wheel steamer in Switzerland, the Uri. With this coin the Swissmint is launching the new three-part series “Swiss Steampships”.

Yodeling Festival

From June 22 to 25, 2017, the 30th Federal Yodeling Festival will take place in Brig-Glis. Event organizers expect as many as 15,000 participants and over 150,000 visitors in the Oberwalliser metropolis. Participants will include performers of yodel choruses as well as solo singers – alongside alphorn-blowers and flag-swingers. These historically were featured at the beginning of the natural yodel, which was once a form of communication in mountainous regions and other impassable areas. Yodeling also helped when driving the cows.

The yodel or jutz is a singing on phonemes without text with frequent, quick changeover between chest and falsetto (head-voice). In Switzerland and other Alpine countries, yodeling in the 19th century had become a well-developed song craft. The yodel usually appears as a sweeping and final refrain. The Jodellied, which is now a form of well-kept two-, three- and four-voice song, mostly accompanied by a Schwyzerörgeli, is the favorite genre of the union youngsters. In 1910, they became members of the Federal Association of Yodelers (EJV) and present themselves every year in regional and cantonal competition, and every three years at the Federal Jodlerfest.

On the occasion of the Federal Yodelfelest in Brig-Glis, the Swissmint is issuing a 20-franc iodine miner in silver. This was designed by the Wallisian graphic artist Gabriel Giger. For more information, visit www.jodlerfestbrig.ch.

Steamship Uri

What can be more beautiful than a ride on the legendary Uri on a balmy summer’s day?

The fresh bobbing around the traveler’s head, the uniform and soothing pounding of the machines and the clapping of the paddle wheels in his ears. At the same time, the traveler can enjoy the picturesque, sometimes even wild shores of the Vierwaldstättersee.

The Uri, the oldest paddle-boat in Switzerland and the oldest ship of the SGV fleet (a shipping company of Lake Lucerne) has been in operation since 1901. Since then, she has gone far over two million kilometers. With seats in first- and second-class on offer, the ship accommodated 800 passengers. The Uri represents the classic Sulzer design of paddle steamer as it was mass-produced around 1900. Theses ships are known for their excellent nautical behavior, stability during stormy weather and fuel conservation. The Uri is driven by an oblique 650 PS Sulzer two-cylinder hot-steam condensing steam engine with condensation.

This is the first commemorative coin in the Swissmint’s three-part series “Swiss steamboats”. The 20-franc silver coin Was designed by Ueli Colombi. More information can be found at www.lakelucerne.ch.

The new special editions will be available from 4 May 2017 in limited edition at www.swissmintshop.ch, as well as from individual coin dealers and banks.

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About The Federal Mint Swissmint

The Federal Mint Swissmint is responsible for circulating coinage in Switzerland. The Mint also produces special coins and packages for the numismatic market. They also produce bimetallic coins, along with coins in silver and gold. Swissmint is also the official authority in Switzerland for authentication and provides experts for public and private clients.

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