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New York International Numismatic Convention ( NYINC ) Announces 2019 Date Change


The 47th Annual New York International Numismatic Convention (NYINC) will once again in 2019 be held at the Grand Hyatt New York, located at 109 East 42nd Street and directly connected to Grand Central Station. Since 2002 the NYINC had been held at the historic Waldorf Astoria, but relocated to the Hyatt for its just-concluded 46th Annual edition when the Waldorf closed for a three-year renovation and remodeling project.

Kevin Foley, who has managed the NYINC since 1998, said in his announcement about the 2019 dates:

“Our originally contracted 2019 dates conflicted with dates for important numismatic conventions in Berlin and London. Since we appeal to very similar audiences of booth holders and attendees, we felt it would be the the interests of all if we were able to move to different dates than we originally announced. That initiative has proven successful. We have now finalized and signed a contract amendment with the Hyatt that will see the coin show portion of the 2019 NYINC take place Thursday through Sunday, January 10-13, with Thursday being our traditional Professional Preview. Auction lot viewing will open on Friday, January 4. We’ll have auction sessions presented by multiple companies taking place every day from Sunday, January 6 through Sunday, January 13.”

Foley continued:

“I feel that our date change serves the interests of everyone. We’ll be one week after the Florida United Numismatists Convention in Orlando, giving our foreign visitors an opportunity to come to the United States for two major conventions held back to back. Our new home, the Grand Hyatt, proved to be quite popular with our attendees. Everyone really appreciated the fact that all our dealer booths could be in one room, rather than spread out in four, as we were at the Waldorf.”

Foley also announced the 2019 hotel sleeping room rates at the Grand Hyatt:

  • Room: $199
  • Junior Suite: $299
  • One br. VIP Suite: $549
  • Two br. VIP Suite: $749
  • One br. Premier Suite: $849

Reservations may be made beginning on February 10 by calling the Hyatt’s toll-free number (888) 421-1442 and asking for the “New York International Numismatic Convention” rate. Callers outside the United States may contact the Grand Hyatt directly at (212) 883-1234.

Foley also cautioned attendees to book their rooms only directly through the Hyatt.

“A number of our booth holders this year reported to me that they’d been contacted by outside agencies purporting to be part of the NYINC or the Hyatt organization and offering to make reservations. Sometimes these entities fail to make an actual reservation at all and sometimes they are outright frauds who obtain credit card numbers from event attendees and then run up significant unauthorized charges or even engage in identity theft and open up false credit card accounts or take out loans by impersonating the person the contacted. People coming to the NYINC should only dealer directly with the Hyatt through a contact that they initiated, and not with any entity that called or e-mailed them.”

Foley also made an important announcement concerning the future of antiquities at the New York event.

“Although we have traditionally had a relatively small number of booth holders specializing in higher quality antiquities at the NYINC, our Board has made a decision to discontinue such items as part of the NYINC, effective with our 2019 47th Annual NYINC. With growing concerns about the looting of antiquities and unauthorized exportation of these objects from their countries of origin without the benefit of proper licensing and verification of permitted provenance, the trade in antiquities has become the focus of increasing enforcement actions by governmental authorities both within and outside the United States at the civil and criminal enforcement levels. Especially in view of the concerns about looted objects related to and a part of their cultural patrimony being expressed by an increasing number of countries, our Board simply felt that the right thing to do would be to avoid facilitating in any way potentially questionable transactions in such material. So, our 2018 event was the last one at which antiquities could be displayed or offered for sale.”

Dealers in world and ancient numismatic material interested in having a booth at the NYINC should contact Foley via e-mail at [email protected]. He said, “Although we would like to be able to accommodate every dealer specializing in world and ancient numismatics wants to be art of our bourse area, the NYINC typically enjoys a 95% renewal rate even before its booth holders have departed from the show. I know that because of health issues with some of our older booth holders, we will have 4-5 openings for 2019. I expect that they will be taken up quite soon, so anyone who’d like to be a booth holder in 2019 should contact me right away.”

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