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CoinWeek News Wire for June 3, 2016


By CoinWeek ….

CoinWeek News Wire for June 3, 2016

Brain Food

1.) Sizing up U.S. coin currency

QUESTION: Why are dimes smaller than other coins?

2.) Coins on gravestones have particular meanings

Visitors paying their respects to fallen servicemen this Memorial Day weekend might notice that the headstones of certain graves have coins on top of them

3.) User’s Guide to English Currencies – Pre-decimal and Post-Decimal

While bills have tended to be fairly simple over the years, the coins that comprised a pound pre-decimalisation can get pretty complicated. Join us as we look at the history and breakdown of English money both before and after 1971

4.) What Happens to the Coins People Toss Into Fountains? An Investigation

Back in 2012, Jerome Barth, then the park’s director of operations told The New York Times that the money collected from the fountain “goes to the cost of cleaning the fountain.” Given that both parks, like most of New York City’s bigger parks, are governed by nonprofit organizations, a claim that the money goes to charity is technically true….


Current Events

5.) Man pays $212 traffic ticket in pennies

“Not only am I [ticked] off about this ticket and paying with pennies to clog up the system, but I also want to protest the whole racket,” he said

6.) Plastic £5 note featuring Sir Winston Churchill that is almost impossible to tear to be unveiled

You don’t often get ‘cool’ and ‘the Bank of England’ in the same sentence,” she told The Sunday Times…

7.) ‘Sticky’ plastic £5 bank notes could leave shoppers paying twice

It has emerged that the polymer-coating on freshly made notes can affix to each other, proving irritating for people who accidentally end up paying twice when settling cash bills


Reports from Zimbabwe say that bond notes, the much-feared version of US dollars that the Central Bank says it plans to give to exporters, won’t be introduced as soon as had been thought

9.) The Metro Bank Coin Caper

There are many perplexing anecdotes in the book by Metro Bank chairman and co-founder Vernon Hill, but one stands out as particularly difficult to believe

10.) Amidst bitcoin boom, Russia plans its own cryptocurrency

Russian media recently revealed plans to create a national cryptocurrency to be used alongside the ruble

11.) Could the German collector become extinct?

While the proposal isn’t yet law, there is fear among German coin and other collectors that if they sign a petition voicing their opposition to the legislation their names will be stored for possibly future investigation into what they own

[The petition is available here –CoinWeek]

Numismatic News

12.) Why China’s Largest Bank Just Bought a Massive Gold Vault

ICBC Standard Bank just made a huge bet on gold. Although the details weren’t disclosed, China’s largest bank now owns one of just seven secret gold vaults hidden in London in what is something of an exclusive gold market. Here’s what you need to know


13.) Fantastic Fakes: Busting a $70 Million Counterfeiting Ring

The downfall of a legendary team of forgers, whose bogus bills were so good they’re still in circulation

14.) NCO Writing Excellence Program aims to tune up communication skills

The Army’s evolving operating environment demands that noncommissioned officers hone their critical thinking skills and communicate clearly and effectively. This has led the Army to make writing a priority

15.) West Berkshire Museum snaps up Iron Age treasure

A hoard of Iron Age coins from Sulhamstead dating back more than 2,000 years has been acquired by West Berkshire Museum

Under the Radar

16.) NatGeo teams up with South African mint in aid of Big Cats

National Geographic and the South African Mint have partnered to release limited-edition sets of legal-tender coins, branded with the iconic cheetah.

The National Geographic Big Cats Coin Program will benefit the Big Cats Initiative (BCI), a long-term conservation effort which aims to halt the decline of big cats in the wild…

17.) 1966 World Cup tribute coin for England’s last friendly

A special £5 coin marking 50 years since the Three Lions’ 1966 World Cup win has been made by the Royal Mint. The kick-off in England’s final friendly match before Euro 2016 will be decided by a coin struck by Bobby Moore’s widow

18.) Commemorative coin to raise money for Bobby Moore Fund

The coin will be used for the toss ahead of Thursday’s match and is available to be purchased, with a donation from sales going to the Bobby Moore Fund

Upcoming Auctions & Events

19.) Coins and classic cars go under the hammer in Penkridge

OLIVER Cromwell will be going head to head with Charles II in a Penkridge auction room on Friday

20.) PMG Finalizer to Consult at IPMS

Paper Money Guaranty (PMG) Finalizer Bruce Thornton will be conducting free paper money evaluations during the 2016 Memphis International Paper Money Show (IPMS) Show.

Collectors are encouraged to bring their notes to the PMG booth (#101) for free evaluations by PMG Finalizer Bruce Thornton. Evaluations will be provided 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. on Friday, June 3. To ensure that we help as many people as possible there is a limit of three notes per person for the free evaluations. Evaluations are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.*

Since time is limited, PMG requests that you have your notes pre-selected and ready for examination. Please visit the PMG booth with questions about these consultations and other services offered during the convention.

*Because evaluations are performed in a show floor environment, as opposed to our standard grading environment (with proper lighting conditions and facilities), all opinions should be used only as a guide.

21.) Huntington Award and Hurter Memorial Lecture Tuesday June 7

RSVP for the 2016 Archer M. Huntington Award taking place on Tuesday, June 7 at 6:00 PM. The award is being presented to Dr. Michael Alram, Director of the Coin Cabinet of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria, who will give the Silvia Mani Hurter Memorial Lecture, “Money and Power in Ancient Bactria.” The event is being held at the ANS headquarters. The lecture will begin at 6:00 pm and will be preceded by a reception at 5:30 pm.

Registration is required to [email protected] or (212) 571-4470 ext. 117.

A subscription dinner will be held following the event at a nearby restaurant. Pre-registration is required. Contact [email protected] or 212-571-4470 ext. 117 for information.

22.) International Reformation Numismatics Day

In celebration of the current renaissance Reformation coins and medals is enjoying during this Luther Decade leading up to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation (October 31st, 2017), the International Association of Reformation Coins and Medals has declared June 19th as “International Reformation Numismatics Day”

23.) Citizens State Bank to offer free coin appraisals

Citizens State Bank, 102 W. Main St., will offer free coin appraisals from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. June 14. Old coins, paper money and gold jewelry without precious stones will be acceptable


Worth Additions to Your Library

24.) The Reformation Coin and Medal Collection of Concordia Historical Institute

The Reformation Coin and Medal Collection of the Concordia Historical Institute is one of the most significant institutional collections outside of Germany.

This volume is designed for those just beginning to appreciate Reformation numismatics as an important visual witness to the truths rediscovered by Martin Luther and the Reformation. It also serves as a reference work for future research in numismatics, history, theology, the visual arts, culture and language…

25.) Khirbet Qeiyafa Vol. 5: Excavation Report 2007–2013, The Numismatic Finds: Coins and Related Objects

More than 600 coins and related objects were found at Khirbet Qeiyafa during the 2007–2013 excavation seasons. The earliest coins date from the end of the sixth century BCE and the latest from the British Mandate

Just for Fun

26.) Hate stuff priced with 99 at the end? You’ll wish this 9-cent coin was real

The coin comes with Queen Elizabeth donning a legionnaires hat, plus a Aussie meat pie slapped right on the front. It has also been christened with tomato sauce a.k.a. ketchup and dipped in beer, a journey that all Australian coins take

27.) What!? Magician MELTS ten pence coin with his bare hands

Magician Damien O’Brien performs live in a Daily Mail Facebook live interview, shocking presenter by melting a 10-pence coin with his bare hands

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