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CoinWeek News Wire for July 10, 2016


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CoinWeek News Wire for July 10, 2016

Brain Food

1.) From cotton to cash: how to (actually) make a euro

Reinhold Gerstetter is responsible for the design of the euro banknotes. Fans of the old Deutsche Mark may recognize his work – he drew the faces on their last edition, before Germany switched to the euro. Each bills is assigned an architectural epoch in European history, according to value, from an ancient archway on the five-euro-note to a steel bridge on the five-hundred-euro bill

2.) Q&A: What happens to the coins in Virginia Beach’s Town Center fountains?

Divaris, the real estate company that owns many of Town Center’s buildings, is responsible for maintaining the city-owned fountain, said Rob Fries in the city’s public works department

[It seems that people really want to know what happens to coins in fountains. At least one article like this pops up every week. Check out past CoinWeek News Wires for moreEditor]

3.) Chester Krause Built a Big Hobby Magazine Publisher in a Tiny Wisconsin Town

World War II veteran founded a car show and was biggest employer in Iola

Current Events

4.) IS Introduces Gold Currency in Iraqi, Syrian Areas It Controls

Oil traders have been instructed by IS to deal in the new currency while conducting business in IS-held areas, activists in Deir Ezzor, Syria, said

5.) What Germany’s tough new law could mean for the antiquities market

The rules for archaeological assets, defined as objects found in the soil or water, are particularly stringent. The law would demand an export license from the country of origin for any item offered for sale

6.) Gold coin dealers go prospecting at the Legislature for regulatory relief

Former U.S. Mint Director Philip Diehl

The dealers failed to persuade regulators for months and even after threats of lawsuits, so then they chose another tack: They hired a blue chip lobbying firm to change the law. They were rewarded with a legislative victory in May that will give them some regulatory relief as of Friday [July 1], when the new law kicked in

7.) Dirham a Day initiative aims to collect coins for drought relief on Indonesian island

It is easy to lose a dirham coin down the back of a sofa or in a wardrobe.

But a charity drive by the Indonesian community aims to put this small change to good use – by helping drought-hit parts of their home country…

Under the Radar

8.) Special coin for presidency issued

slovakiapresidencyThe National Bank of Slovakia (NBS) issued a silver collector coin worth €10 on the occasion of the country’s presidency over the EU Council on June 14. The author of the design is painter Vladimír Pavlica

9.) Local boy’s design to feature on commemorative coin

A TORFAEN youngster is feeling “delighted” after having his design picked for The Royal Mint’s Queen’s 90th Birthday medal

Treasure News

10.) Eight gold coins discovered in Germany mark the site of an ancient Roman massacre

Eight gold coins discovered during an archaeological excavation in Germany could confirm the site of the legendary Battle of Teutoburg Forest

11.) Rare Viking ‘Death House’ unearthed: Couple buried 1,000 years ago with foreign coins reveal how Norse nobles travelled the world

Archaeologists say that from markings on the graves, two of the bodies were of a high-born couple who may have travelled as far afield as Afghanistan

Banknote News

12.) Numismatist sets record

Abdul Hakkim, a philatelist and numismatist, has set a record in collection of currencies of different countries and gained entry into the Limca Book of Records

13.) The New 500 Peso Banknote – Video Presentation

El Banco Central de la República Argentina pone en circulación a partir del 30 de junio el billete de 500 pesos con la imagen del yaguareté, con el que inaugura la nueva familia de billetes con imágenes de la fauna autóctona de diversas regiones del país

14.) Belarus Wipes Four Zeros Off Currency in Redenomination

New five-ruble banknotes will substitute the old 50,000 ruble bills and five new coins will be created — the first to circulate in the country since the fall of communism

15.) Egypt forced to issue new banknotes monthly due to low state resources, high expenditure

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) has increased its issuance of banknotes since January 2011 to meet the government’s needs of cash

Exonumia News

16.) Brass pub coin from Ambleside sells for £220

SMALL and seemingly inconsequential items can sometimes hold a surprising value.

The London sale by Simmons Gallery saw a remarkable £220 paid for a small brass coin-like object from a Lake District pub…

17.) Wrexham war medal detectorist on hunt for soldier’s family

A SEARCH is on to find the descendants of a First World War veteran after his medal was found in Wrexham

Crime & Punishment

18.) Seized coin collection brings $7K

The coin collection was seized in a case involving two criminal schemes at Boston Pharmacy in Boston, where Wayne Murphy and his son, Kevin Murphy, were pharmacists

19.) Royal Thai Mint officials probed over coins theft

Twenty employees of the Royal Thai Mint were summoned for questioning on Sunday in connection with the disappearance of 50 polished-gold commemorative coins marking HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s 60th birthday last year

20.) Man shot trying to stop robbers at Brooklyn Mall in South Africa

A civilian who tried to pursue robbers after they robbed a coin shop at the Brooklyn Mall in Pretoria was left in a critical condition on Thursday…

Police spokesperson Kay Makhubela said the robbers fled away with almost R1-million worth of coins and cash…

21.) Uniform, military medals of late WWII POW stolen from his family in Fort Worth

He was “bayoneted, shot and wounded” while on the [Bataan Death March] of more than 60 miles through the hot jungle, he said. Read then survived over three years in a POW camp, where he dug his own grave, alongside other prisoners who were told they were to be executed. The war ended before they were

Mint News

22.) The World’s Biggest Gold Coin; Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Most coins are easy to hide. Just pop them in your pocket. But, it’s not so easy when a coin weighs one metric ton, and almost impossible when the coin in question is pure gold and worth $43.4 million.

Making that one-tonne monster disappear from public view was the challenge the Perth Mint in Australia set for itself earlier today [July 4] when it announced a rare public viewing of the coin, and then tried to un-announce it…

Clubs & Organizations

23.) Coin collectors hope kids become new hobbyists

Admission to the Maitland Coin and Money Show is free, but you can’t peruse the old currency for sale without first talking to Mason Casiano and his big sister, Kaylee.

The siblings, 12 and 13, man a table in the hallway just outside the converted showroom at Venue on the Lake, a civic center on South Maitland Avenue, doling out raffle tickets and name tags to prospective buyers…

24.) Waterloo-Cedar Falls Coin club to meet Tuesday at WCA

The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Coin Club will have its monthly meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Waterloo Center for the Arts, 225 Commercial St., in the Schoitz Room III.

A short demonstration on grading will be given by Mark Cooper and Darrin Speed, with an auction to follow…

Upcoming Auctions & Events

25.) Exhibition of rare coins

The Karnataka Numismatic Society will conduct a three-day All India exhibition of rare coins and currencies — Natyadarshini-2016 from July 15

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