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Next St. Lucia Coin Arrives in EC8 Series From Scottsdale Mint

The EC8 Series from the Scottsdale Mint launched in 2018 with a plan for a variety of beautiful designs, one each for the eight nations of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank. Among those nations, St. Lucia is a founding member of the ECCB and one of the primary users of the Eastern Caribbean dollar, the unit of currency used by the members of the ECCB. Each year that series offers a new design for each country, with those options produced on two different 1 oz silver coins and two different 1 oz gold coins. The latest issue for St. Lucia features a unique endemic species from the nation.

The Whiptail Lizard Reverse

On the reverse of the new 2020 1 oz St. Lucia Silver Whiptail Lizard Coins is a depiction of the Cnemidophorus, or whiptail lizard. This genus of lizards comes from the broader family of Teiidae lizards and the Cnemidophorus itself is often known by the names whiptail lizard or racerunner. In general, the genus is endemic to South America, Central America, and the islands of the West Indies. However, the only island in the West Indies where you will find the whiptail lizard is the island of St. Lucia. The stunning design element depicts the whiptail, known locally on the island as the Zandoas, as it lounges on a rock in the foreground. Across the calm waters of the Caribbean in the background, you will notice the towering Pitons of St. Lucia, a pair of dormant, collapsed volcanic domes. The national flower, the St. Lucia rose, is found in the design field as well.

Unique Queen Elizabeth II Obverse

The obverse side of 2020 1 oz St. Lucia Silver Coins features the unique effigy of Queen Elizabeth II used exclusively in the EC8 Series. At the heart of this design is Ian Rank-Broadley’s portrait of Her Majesty. Created in 1998 for the Royal Mint of England, this design shows the Queen’s head in right-profile relief as she wears the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara. The unique Scottsdale Mint issue for the EC8 Series includes two large branches framing the portrait of the Queen.

St. Lucia Whiptail Silver Options

The Scottsdale Mint issues the coins of the St. Lucia Whiptail Lizard release with the same gold and silver options found in all releases to date in the EC8 Series. JM Bullion carries both of the primary silver coins for sale in the Whiptail Lizard release. These include a Brilliant Uncirculated coin and a 2020 1 oz Proof Colorized St. Lucia Whiptail Lizard Silver Coin, the latter of which bears brilliant, colorized lacquers on the lizard’s body in the reverse design that include various shades of blue. Details on the two releases include:

  • BU Coins – limited mintage of only 25,000 coins with individual coins in protective plastic flips and multiples of five in skinboards.
  • Proof Colorized Coins – the limited issue of only 500 silver coins with a black presentation box, plastic capsule, and Certificate of Authenticity available with the coin.

About the EC8 Series and ECCB

The EC8 Series from the Scottsdale Mint represents the eight-member nations of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank. The bank is the monetary authority behind the Eastern Caribbean dollar. The ECCB is responsible for maintaining a stable price for the XCD and a stable financial market for the participating nations. The XCD is used by the member nations of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, with a few exceptions. The EC8 Series issues designs for Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – all seven of which are founding members of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States. Anguilla is the only non-founding member represented in the series as it also uses the XCD. The British Virgin Islands, Guadeloupe, and Martinique are also members of the OECS but do not use the XCD. The BVI adopted the US dollar as its currency, while Guadeloupe and Martinique use the Euro as overseas departments of France.

Collecting EC8 Silver at JM Bullion

If you have any questions about the latest release in the EC8 Series, we encourage you to contact us. JM Bullion customer service is available at 800-276-6508, online through our live chat, and using our email address. Please remember to follow us on Facebook for daily and weekly posts to keep you in the know, and read our weekly blogs for greater insight on new-and-upcoming releases in our collection.

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