nFusion Solutions – Precious Metals Spot Market Solutions

nFusion Solutions is a trusted partner of many of the largest wholesale distributors and retail numismatic dealers in North America and support more than 50 precious metals companies in 7 different countries across the globe. With strategic partnerships with market data exchanges and providers like SIX Financial and CME Group we are able to meet your mission critical data needs.

We utilize the latest technology in ways that are optimized providing ease of use for customers helping them grow their business. By combining the inherent simplicity, efficiency, speed to market and lower total cost of ownership of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Cloud based model, nFusion offers opportunity for our clients to scale in ways they would otherwise struggle attempting on their own.

With the experience of literally thousands of varying integration projects under our belts, our team of developers can solve your compartmentalized systems issues. Proper strategy and implementation expertise is mission critical to your short and long term success. Without them, you could be heading down the wrong path before you even get started.

Take advantage of what is already working. Our turnkey solutions were created from years of experience in making the tools and services used by the largest wholesale distributors and retail dealers in North America and numerous countries across the globe.

nFusion’s turnkey solutions are proven winners and are readily available increasing your speed to market and freeing up your resources to grow your business and build your brand.
“Partnering with nFusion has allowed us to quickly and easily roll out useful new features for our customers. Their expertise and experience in the precious metals industry is unrivaled, and we’ve come to rely on them as a trusted partner in a variety of ways.“
Thomas Fougerousse, Vice President of Operations, JM Bullion, Inc.

“nFusion Solutions did an excellent job in creating a customized precious metals spot market feed for our websites. We’ve found that their feed is the most accurate real time representation of precious metals markets.”
Scott A. Hunt, President, Jack Hunt Coin Broker Inc.