NGC Image Archive Tops 10 Million Coins

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® now has images of more than 10 million coins available for free on its website and smartphone app. These images, which show the obverse and reverse of an NGC-certified coin taken immediately after encapsulation, have proven to be a highly effective defense against counterfeit or tampered NGC holders.

1837_50c_gr26_discoveryNGC began a long-term initiative in October 2008 to image virtually every coin that it grades and encapsulates. The more than 10 million coin images that it has compiled since then are now accessed more than 200,000 times every month.

“This important milestone signifies the great efforts that NGC has made to protect consumers,” says Steven R. Eichenbaum, CEO of NGC. “NGC’s coin image database the largest in the world is an important benefit of NGC certification and a major factor in the increased confidence that comes from buying NGC-certified coins.”

An NGC certification number is all it takes to access these images and relevant NGC certification information on the “Verify NGC Certification” tool of the NGC website,, as well as the NGC Coin Details smartphone app. The NGC Coin Details app is available for free in the App Store and Google Play.

NGC photographs every coin as part of its normal grading process for no additional fee. Turnaround times are not affected by the imaging process, and all images are available at no charge to all NGC website visitors and app users.

About Numismatic Guaranty Corporation®

NGC, the world’s largest and most respected third-party coin grading service, was founded in 1987. From the beginning, NGC has committed itself to developing an impartial, trusted standard of consistent and accurate grading. To uphold this commitment, NGC’s full-time grading professionals are no longer active in the commercial coin marketplace, and are prohibited from buying or selling coins to ensure impartiality. As NGC has grown to become the leader in third-party grading services, we have maintained a steadfast and uncompromising commitment to this standard. Learn more at

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