Numismatic Americana Long Beach Expo Fall 2012 Show Report

By William ShamhartNumismatic Americana …….

It is well known to the readers of my show reports that I have a hard time writing them. Sometimes, like when a show is really good, I can sit down at the computer and it all starts to flow easily. Then there are the times when the show wasn’t quite what we were hoping for and writing becomes more difficult. And then there are shows like last week’s Long Beach…..

In defense of the show promoters and their entire staff, it wasn’t them. They did all they could in my mind. All the tables were filled and on the surface it looked like the Long Beach’s of years past. But I get the feeling that it wasn’t all that good for most that attended.

I try and talk to as many dealers as possible to get their take on the show, as well as read as many of our colleagues show reports as I can. From all indications you either had a great show or a lack-luster one. Ours was the latter.

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad we went. We were able to buy some great pieces for our customers (and web site) either on the floor or from some of our clients who brought coins to sell. Remember we pride ourselves on the relationships that we build and are always grateful when we get offered our own coins back. Kind of like a homecoming if you will. Both Christine and I BUY our inventory because we like the coin and believe in it. So it is always nice to be able to sell a coin again. But if it weren’t for our customers and a very select few dealers (ones that we do a lot of business with because they like the same kind of coins we do) I don’t think we would have bought anything. The floor was very dry when it came to fresh new coins.

As has been the norm in the recent past, most of our clientele that attended came armed with want lists (and occasionally check books) looking for that special coin. Most of the customers we deal with are pretty disciplined when it comes to buying for their collections and would only make a sporadic on the spot purchase if the coin was really special, as in something you don’t see everyday. There is another dealer out there who constantly says they have a $25 million want list but can’t find the coins. I believe it and you should too. There is a lot of demand for coins (special coins) but the available supply is virtually non existent. That is why you see great coins go up on a web site only to be put on hold moments later. Advanced collectors know how to pull the trigger and don’t hesitate to do so.

So there’s my take on Long Beach. We have some pretty neat coins for you to entertain buying. Look over the new purchases and give us a call. Remember…we love to talk coins

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