Numismatic Announcements from eBay. VIDEO: 4:32.

gene_cook_pngGene Cook, General Manager, Emerging Markets, eBay.

Gene Cook has become a familiar face at coin shows. He attended the PNG Member meeting with his team of other eBay people.

He talked about some of the new policies by eBay affecting the coin market including their replica coin and paper money policy, their counterfeit review committee process, and other issues.



New Procedures for PNG Members to List Coins on eBay. VIDEO: 3:36.

Robert Brueggeman, Professional Numismatic Guild, Gene Cook, eBay.

PNG members are allowed special listings on eBay that include posting their membership in the Professional Numismatists Guild.

Gene Cook explains what changes have been made to this procedure and why it will function better in the future.


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American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money

The country’s premier coin show and convention,  is held every summer at cities around the country. This year the show was hosted in Chicago, Il. The convention features spectacular educational programs and events, and the most stunning collections of early American rarities ever assembled for the ANA’s signature Museum Showcase.

The  bourse, which is always sold out,  includes the finest rare coin and currency dealers in the world, with special sections for U.S., world and ancient coins as well as paper money. The Mint Promenade will features representatives of world mints from  five continents along with collector exhibits.

For more information about the ANA or any of its conventions, visit and/or visit the Coin and Paper Money Shows  section on Coinweek for the latest information, news stories and calendar of upcoming shows.




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