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Numismatic Expert Leo Frese Joins CTGroup

Today, CTGroup of Irvine, California further secured its position as the leading tangible asset investment firm when CEO Todd Griffiths announced long time industry insider, Leo Frese, had officially joined the company.

“Leo is a great addition to our team,” says Todd Griffiths, CEO of CTGroup. “His understanding of the industry, and his vision for the future of tangible asset investing truly complement our goals here at CTGroup, and we are honored he has chosen to be a part of the powerful investment movement we are leading in this country.”

Frese has over 40 years of experience as a numismatist within the auction community. Throughout his career he has handled over $500 million worth of rare coins and estates. Prior to joining CTGroup, Frese spent 28 years with a major numismatic firm, where he was actively involved in many market innovations and emerging trends. Frese, however, says the past two decades in the industry have been too reliant on auctions, and believes that CTGroup represents the future of the industry.

“I believe what CTGroup is doing is transformational for our business, from an educational aspect, a technological aspect and, maybe most importantly, an integrity aspect,” says Frese, “and I want to take part in the change.”

Frese says there has been a large emphasis on auctioning over the past 10 years, but new trends and a changing landscape have highlighted the need for a new approach. He says the future of the industry involves a better understanding of the power of tangible assets, transparency with clients, and advanced educational opportunities, such as CTGroup’s University of Rare Coins (CTGroup.com/University).

“Traditional thinking around numismatics and tangible assets is history,” says Griffiths. “At CTGroup we are shaking things up in the industry by offering consumers the future of tangible asset investing and now Leo will have an integral role in helping us shape that future.”

Frese will begin with CTGroup immediately and will be actively involved in the numismatic sector of the company.

About CTGroup

CTGroup, formerly known as Century Coin Group, is a leader in tangible asset investing. CTGroup’s Founder and owner, Todd Griffiths, is a third-generation coin dealer with over 25 years of experience in the rare coin industry. CTGroup values honesty, integrity and transparency and aims to educate clients to make sound investment decisions at all times. As traditional investment models change, the team of numismatists at CTGroup advises on wealth creation and wealth preservation through tangible asset investing. Past performance does not guarantee future results. For more information, including the risks of investing in tangible assets, visit us at www.ctgroup.com

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