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Numismatic Personalities – A Conversation with Harvey Stack – Working with Government Agencies

Harvey G. Stack
Interviewer: David Lisot, CoinWeek.com….

In the following five videos, Harvey Stack talks about his experiences as an industry representative for hearings on the Hobby Protection Act in 1973 and the State Quarter Program in 1995 along with working with government agencies such as the US Assay Commission and the Federal Trade Commission.

Industry Representative of Hobby Protection Act in 1973 for Numismatics.


Harvey testified before Congress in 1973 to have the word “copy” put on issues that were not original. He tells how long it took for the law to be enforced.


Working with Government Agencies in the Coin Trade.


Harvey describes the flood of counterfeit gold coins in the early 1960’s and the problems with the US government because of them. He shares the story of a collection in Europe that ended up in a legal battle to try to get it imported into the US. He also shares how Stack’s has worked to help educate agencies in the government.


My Work for the US Assay Commission.


Harvey was selected in 1976 to be on the United States Commission. He tells what was involved in his responsibilities.


Debating the Federal Trade Commission about Coin Dealer Regulation.


Harvey became president of the Professional Numismatists Guild in 1989. At that time the Federal Trade Commission decided to try to regulate the coin industry. Hear Harvey talk about tackling this issue along with assistance from Beth Deisher, editor of Coin World and Luis Vigdor of MTB.


Success of the Statehood Quarter Program.


In 1995 Harvey gave testimony to Congress that helped in the creation of the Statehood Quarter Program. He shares about the success and how the program has affected the coin collector market.



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