Obsolete Paper Money 1782 – 1866

Whitman Publishing has released of one of the most comprehensive, fact-filled, and interesting books on American paper money ever produced: Obsolete Paper Money Issued by Banks in the United States, 1782–1866, by Q. David Bowers. In 21 chapters rich with full-color illustrations, this 608-page book explores the engraving, printing, and circulation of obsolete currency. Bowers (the “dean of American numismatics”) takes the reader on an in-depth look at this paper money that witnessed so much history: the birth of states, the War of 1812, financial panics, inspiring westward expansion, and the devastating war between North and South. Hundreds of individual notes are pictured, along with vignettes, full sheets, and enlargements.

“Never before has so much information and so many illustrations been combined in a single volume,” said the author. Bowers draws upon original bank documents, contemporary newspapers, state bank commission reports, and other contemporary sources, bringing to light many facts never before presented in a numismatic publication. “This may be the best paper money book in years,” said Boston currency dealer Tom Denly. “It answers and teaches so much that, after 33 years dealing in obsolete notes, I learned a ton. Wonderful!”

“Obsolete Paper Money is a gem for the numismatist and historian,” said Whitman publisher Dennis Tucker. “Dave Bowers takes you right inside a currency-issuing bank of the 1800s, and explains how this paper money worked in day-to-day life. He makes history come alive.” An appendix concludes the book with “The Treasures of the ABNCo Archives”—a gallery of bank-note plates, vignettes, and other items from the massive American Bank Note Company hoard sold in 2005

Published in hardcover (with a dustjacket), 8.5 x 11-inch format, fully indexed, and printed on high-quality paper
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