Only lazy collectors will miss this sale of the “#4 Greatest US Currency Note”

Consignments to the September Long Beach currency auction already include a design classic…

By Paul Fraser Collectibles

Heritage Auctions has revealed a number of outstanding consignments for its September 2011 Long Beach Signature Currency Auction. Among the notes that are set to whet numismatists’ appetites are two gorgeous $2 Lazy Deuces.

Laid-back beauty: the 'gorgeous' 19th century $2 Lazy Deuce banknote

The appeal of these notes is more than assured as they have garnered the number four position on the 100 Greatest American Currency Notes list. The notes were given their “Lazy Deuce” nickname due to the fact that the “2” is positioned horizontally rather than vertically.

Many obsolete banknotes included lazy numbers as part of their design prior to the creation of the US National Banking System. For instance, many Civil War issues from the State of Louisiana included gray lazy fives.

‘Lazy’ classics like the Wapello, IA- City of Wapello $3 Aug. 31, 1857 and Watertown, WI – Bank of Watertown $5 Sept. 1, 1863 have already proven themselves on the private markets.

Sir Walter Raleigh presents corn and tobacco to the English in the banknote's reverse

Yet the arrangement of the $2 National Bank Notes was, and still is, particularly exceptional. The Stars and Stripes vignette on the banknote’s left boasts great eye appeal, and was the work of master engraver Luigi (Louis) Delnoce (1822-90).

Meanwhile, the note’s reverse bears a vignette of Sir Walter Raleigh Presenting Corn and Tobacco to the English (there are several variations of the title), also the work of Delnoce.

Also contributing the $2 Lazy Deuces’ eye appeal, in terms of design, is that the state or territorial seal of the issuing bank was included within an oval frame on the back at left.

The two notes will more than likely to consolidate their status as the ‘number four’ Greatest American Currency Note – and as a great appreciating alternative investment – when they auction at Heritage in September.

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