Interviewer: David Lisot,
Randy Weir, Randy Weir Numismatics, Steve Hill, A.H. Baldwin, Christopher Webb, Dix Noonan Webb, Stephen Lockett, London Coins, David Miller, David Miller Ltd.

Each coin convention in London brings together dealers specializing in different collectibles areas. Hear from some of the coin traders at the show as they discuss the strength of the marketplace and how the economy is affecting collectors buying.
TRT: 2:27


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London Coin Fair
Bloomsbury, England

The London Coin Fair has been held for more than 30 years in the London area and currently takes place three times a year. The convention is a gathering for coin, medal, token, and paper money collectors and dealers with an interest in items from the past. Hundreds of collectors packed the show area at the Holiday Inn near Bloomsbury to a sold out bourse of dealers trading in gold, silver, world coins and paper money and particularly numismatics of Great Britain. Virtually every dealer in attendance reported a successful convention. See and hear the market report from the dealers themselves as they share and show how business was and what items were trading.

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