Interviewer: David Lisot

Kathleen Duncan, Pinnacle Rarities, Ian Russell, Great Collections Coin Auctions, Christine Including Christine Karstedt, Stacks Bowers, Robert Harwell, Hancock & Harwell, Michael Brandow, Certified Coin Exchange, Michael Sherman, PCGS, Joel Rettew, Joel Rettew Rare Coin, Larry Shepherd, Harlan J. Berk, Ltd, Raul Seymour, Emerging Market Group, David Hunt, CT Group, Harry Miller, Millers Mint.

Runtime: 3:43


Copyright © CoinWeek  – February 2012

The Long Beach Coin Expo is the largest coin show on the West Coast and sets the market mood for the country. Hear from some of the dealers who come from across America to trade coins in California as they share how business is going at the Expo.

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