Orange Titanium Clownfish Coin: Nemo Found at Pobjoy Mint

  • Featuring the Clownfish in a unique shade of orange Titanium!
  • Limited to 7,500 coins worldwide!
  • Exclusive Pobjoy Portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II

The Coin

The reverse of this new Titanium coin features the much loved Clownfish. Made popular by the Disney film Finding Nemo, this little fish has a big character both in the film and on the reef! We have tried to capture this personality by producing this coin in orange Titanium in order to match the beautiful color of the fish. The design shows the Clownfish surrounded by its host Anemone.

The obverse features the Pobjoy exclusive effigy design of HM Queen Elizabeth II in exceptional detail. As Titanium reacts differently with every strike each of the 7,500 Titanium coins are technically different and vary slightly in color. There is also a lined effect that is present on the coins which is unique to this metal.

Behind the Coin

The Clownfish, also known as the Anemonefish, are one of the most recognizable fish in the sea. There are 30 different species of the fish of varying size and color found warm, shallow water across the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

The Clownfish lives amongst the tentacles of Sea Anemones and they have a very interesting and mutually beneficial relationship. The Anemones protect the fish from predators and provide it with scraps of undigested food whilst the Clownfish protects the Anemones from parasites. There are several theories on how the Clownfish survives the venomous tentacles of the Anemone, which include an evolved immunity and unique coatings on their skin.

The Anemonefish’s popularity also has its drawbacks. It is estimated that 43% of the global ornamental fish trade now consists of them, and whilst 25% of these fish are bred in captivity, the remaining 75% are taken from reefs across the world. Luckily, when in captivity, if the Anemonefish can’t find an Anemone then it will make its home in some other types of coral.

Coin Specifications

Metal: Titanium, CuNi
Diameter: Titanium: 36.10 mm; CuNi: 38.60 mm
Weight: Titanium: 10.00 g; CuNi: 28.28 g
Issue Limit: Titanium: 7,500; CuNi: 10,000


The Titanium coin is protected by an acrylic capsule and then packaged in a beautiful red box and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. The Unc. Cupro Nickel Coin is shipped in a Pobjoy Mint Pouch.

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