Over 650 Ounces of GOLD Offered in Stack’s Bowers Sept. Precious Metals Auction

Over 650 Ounces of GOLD Offered in Stack’s Bowers Sept. Precious Metals Auction

Bidding Ends Wednesday, September 23

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Stack’s Bowers Galleries is proud to present their September 2020 Precious Metals Auction, a new auction platform for buying bullion with no buyer’s fees.

The interest in bullion has seen a steady increase over the past several years, as interest in this historically stable investment category grows. Bullion is available in a wide range of formats across several precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Stack’s Bowers Galleries is thrilled to present a valuable new resource for today’s bullion collector through these Precious Metals Auctions, expanding their already-extensive array of auction venues.

The bidding in the Stack’s Bowers Precious Metals Auction will be represented by a percentage of the “spot” metal prices, which will be fixed immediately before the auction begins and remain unchanged throughout the course of the auction, eliminating bidder’s market risk of precious metals price changes during the auction. Starting bids begin at as little as 90% of the metal “spot” price. Once a lot is hammered, the sale price will be listed in U.S. Dollars on all invoices and prices realized. The price you pay will be exactly the winning bid percentage of the fixed “spot” price set before the auction begins, multiplied by the number of precious metal ounces in a lot, plus shipping, handling, and any applicable taxes.

The increments for the Precious Metals Auctions begin as low as .10%. If you enter an off-increment bid, it will be rounded down to the nearest whole increment. Cut or Split bids are not accepted. See below for the complete set of increments.

Stack's Bowers Galleries March 2020 Precious Metals Auction Bid Increment Table

The September Precious Metals Auction will cross the block on Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020 beginning at 1:00 pm Pacific Time at Stacksbowers.com and is reserved for bidders with a minimum bid limit of $25,000. Please see the Terms and Conditions for more info about the special Stack’s Bowers Precious Metals Auctions. Given the nature of the material being offered, please note that payment is due immediately after the auction. If you have any questions regarding our Precious Metals Auctions or would like to discuss increasing your bid limit please contact us at 800-458-4646 or [email protected].

Selected Precious Metal Highlights

LOT 60003
(2.419 oz, 75.239 g AGW).
Lot of (10) 1895 $5 Liberty Head Half Eagles.
Current Bid 99.0%

LOT 60047
(1.935 oz, 60.185 g AGW).
Lot of (4) 1907 $10 Liberty Head Eagles.
Brilliant Uncirculated.
Current Bid 99.6%

LOT 60059
(2.42 oz, 75.270 g AGW).
Lot of (5) 1932 $10 Indian Head.
Unc Details (PCGS).
Opening Bid 99.0%

LOT 60084
(0.968 oz, 30.092 g AGW).
1908 $20 Saint Gaudens
Double Eagle. No Motto.
AU Details-Cleaning (PCGS).
Opening Bid 99.0%

LOT 60093
(0.10 oz; 3.11 g AGW).
1999 American Gold Eagle $5.
MS-70 (NGC).
Opening Bid 99.0%

LOT 60102
(0.50 oz, 15.552 g AGW).
Lot of (2) 2008-W American
Gold Buffalo $10.
Proof-69 DCAM (PCGS).
Opening Bid 99.0%

LOT 60198
(0.250 oz; 7.776 g AGW).
2016-W Standing Liberty
100th Anniversary Quarter.
SP-70 (PCGS).
Current Bid 99.0%

LOT 60199
(0.50 oz, 15.552 g AGW).
2016-W Walking Liberty Half Dollar
100th Anniversary.
MS-70 (PCGS).
Current Bid 99.0%

LOT 60205
(2.50 oz, 77.759 g AGW). Australia.
Lot of (25) 2013 World War II Commemoratives.
Opening Bid 99.0%

LOT 60217
(1.993 oz; 61.989 g AGW). Austria.
Lot of (18) 1915 Ducats.
Opening Bid 99.0%

LOT 60243
(2.00 oz, 62.207 g AGW). Canada.
Lot of (2) 2007 $200 Maple Leaf.
MS-69 (PCGS).
Opening Bid 99.0%

LOT 60275
(0.10 oz; 3.11 g AGW). China.
2005 Proof Gold Panda. 50 Yuan.
Opening Bid 99.0%

LOT 60277
(5.60 oz; 174.179 g AGW). France.
Lot of (6) 100 Francs.
Current Bid 99.0%

LOT 60288
(4.823 oz, 150.012 g AGW). Mexico.
Lot of (5) 1947 50 Pesos.
Opening Bid 98.5%

LOT 60339
(32.119 oz; 999.012 g ASW). Australia.
2017 Silver Kilo Year of the Rooster $30.
Current Bid 99.0%

LOT 60299
(2.987 oz; 92.906 g AGW). Switzerland.
Lot of (16) 20 Francs.
Opening Bid 99.0%

LOT 60335
(500.0 oz; 15551.7 grams ASW).
Original Mint-Sealed “Monster Box”
of (500) 2013-S Silver Eagles.
Opening Bid 99.0%

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