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United States 1965 Lincoln Cent

1965 Lincoln Cent : A Collector’s Guide

To collectors of U.S. coins, 1965 was an epoch-making year in the history of the American monetary system. A coinage shortage and the rise...
This is an image of the 2012-P Arcadia National Park quarter dollar.

2012-P Acadia National Park Quarter : A Collector’s Guide

The 2012-P Acadia National Park quarter was the third America the Beautiful (ATB) quarter design released in the third year of that program and...
1886-O Morgan Dollar in PCGS MS67DMPL. Image: Stack's Bowers.

1886-O Morgan Dollar : A Collector’s Guide

Even though the New Orleans Mint struck a whopping 10,710,000 silver dollars that year, the 1886-O Morgan dollar is not as easy to find...
1938-D Buffalo nickel. Image: David Lawrence Rare Coins / CoinWeek.

Buffalo Nickel, Type 2 (1913-1938) | CoinWeek

Buffalo or Indian Head nickels have been a popular series with collectors since the start of the type, abetted by the introduction of collecting...
1792 Half Disme. Image: Stack's Bowers / CoinWeek.

1792 Half Disme : A Collector’s Guide

Early Attempts at a National Coinage Unsuccessful The Coinage Act of 1792 established the United States Mint and regulated the coins of the United States,...

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Ancient Coins

The House of Valentinian: CoinWeek Ancient Coin Series

By Mike Markowitz for CoinWeek .....   THE ROMAN EMPEROR Jovian was found dead at the age of 33 on February 17, 364 CE--apparently suffocated by...

Collecting Strategies

Some Practical Coin Grading Concepts for the Average Collector

By Roger W. Burdette, special to CoinWeek .....   Several days ago, a collector (DeplorableDan) posted photos and comments about an 1836 Quarter Eagle, Block 8...

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Monnaie de Paris Destroys 27 Million Coins in Design Snafu

By CoinWeek ....   In November 2023, the Monnaie de Paris had to destroy 27 million freshly struck 10-, 20-, and 50-cent euro coins that featured...


Butte Nugget – It’s Not What You Think…

The Butte Nugget is a 6.07 pound gold nugget that was discovered in a northern California gold field. The Butte Nugget sold on October...

Numismatic Terms

Finest Known – What It Does and Doesn’t Mean in the Coin Market

(n.) A coin described as the "finest known" is a coin of such a condition that no other example of the same issue is known...

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King of American Coins Comes to Long Beach: Heritage to Auction 1804 Dollar

1804 dollars deserve headlines every time they come to auction. Heritage is proud to feature the Mickley-Hawn-Queller specimen, a Class I "Original", as one...

Growing up in a Numismatic Family: The Early Days of Stack’s – 1965

By Harvey Stack - Co-Founder, Stack's Bowers Galleries ...... Links to earlier parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |...

Recovered Artifacts Confirm Site of Pulaski Shipwreck

Over 100 early 19th-century gold and silver coins recovered from the Steamship Pulaski wreck on earlier dive By CoinWeek News Staff .... In January, marine exploration and...

NGC Experts Identify Missing Mintmark Mint Error on 2014 5oz Silver ATB Coins

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® (NGC®) has identified five 2014 Great Smoky Mountains Five-Ounce Specimen coins with a significant mint error: they are missing the “P”...

World Paper Money – South Africa Treasures in Stack’s Bowers Collectors Choice Sale

By Aris Maragoudakis - Director of World Currency Auctions, Stack's Bowers Galleries ...... In our May Collectors Choice Sale closing live at StacksBowers.com on May...

Perth Mint Coin Profiles – Tuvalu 2018 Thermometer 2oz Silver Antiqued Coin

Essential for meteorology, medicine, industry and scientific research, thermometers are not the result of a single invention but an evolution spanning about 2,000 years. While...

Olympic Medals for 2020 Tokyo Games May Rely on Recycled Precious Metals

By Everett Millman - Gainesville Coins .......   The committee tasked with preparing Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics is exploring a frugal plan for producing the bronze,...

Ancient Coins on Modern Coins

CoinWeek Ancient Coin Series by Mike Markowitz ....   COINAGE IS CONSERVATIVE. IF a denizen of ancient Rome picked up a modern American dime, he would...

Hungary Issues Massive Silver Commemorative Coin for National Anthem

By Coin & Currency Institute ...... In honor of the 175th anniversary of Hungary's second national anthem, The Szózat (in English: Appeal or Summons), Hungary...

Stack’s Bowers Collectors Choice Coin Auction Highlights: Ancient Billon, Brazilian Gold

By Chris Chatigny - Numismatist & Cataloger, Stacks Bowers ...... Rare Alexander of Carthage Rebellion Issue The upcoming Stack’s Bowers Galleries May Collectors Choice Online Coin...

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