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PANKidZone Program Well Attended and Active

Pennsylvania Area Numismatists (PAN) Kid Zone

By Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists….

The Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists (PAN) October 24 Fall Coin Show Kid Zone program was attended by 62 very enthusiastic children and parents. The Saturday morning began with a steady stream of young people entering the kid’s the area to fill in their penny and nickel folders. Each child was given a PAN t-shirt that was provided by a generous sponsorship by NSS Life. The kids were also given an additional three PAN dollars to use in the KidZone Auction if they immediately put on the shirts. There was little hesitation with compliance and the newly attired recipients began roaming the PAN bourse floor. This strategy only encouraged more young people to come back to the kid’s area to collect their new gear.

The PANKidZone director, Robert O. Stakeley presented a very interesting program about the role of children during WWII. Bob is from the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, PA and has a great deal of experience with thoughtful and interesting presentations. The history center has a current display that focuses on the various efforts by many to do their part during this tumultuous time in our nation’s history. PAN is very fortunate to have him on board as part of our team.


The afternoon peaked with a full room of very engaged kids as they competitively bid for the 50 lots of numismatic delights. The auction were donated by PAN Dealers, collectors, and purchased with funds that were raised to support this worthy program.

The PAN board recognizes that many children may not be sports, dance, or music stars and completely supports a full effort to attract those that enjoy the art, beauty, and history that is a key part of numismatics. The children also learn the importance of value, proper care, and financial obligation to acquire, manage, and maintain their beginning collections. PAN is committed to propagating the future of collecting that is vital to the survival of this wonderful and family engaged hobby.

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