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On Wednesday, 27 April 2016, the Central Bank of Uruguay (Banco Central del Uruguay) entered new 2,000-peso banknotes corresponding to the 2015 B series into circulation.

The notes have been made from 100% cotton fibers.

In order to ensure the identification and protection of the Uruguayan banknotes in this series, the security features detailed below have been introduced to the front of the bill:

  • The number 2000 is completed in the upper left corner by observing through the light
  • Holographic thread with the Shield of Uruguay and BCU 2000 registration
  • When observed through light, an image of Damaso Antonio Larrañaga can be seen, as can the value of the note in letters (two thousand) and the number 2,000 repeated three times.
  • Tilting the holographic band in the map of Uruguay with the figure 2,000 in the center changes its color from purple to brown.
  • The mark for the blind is located on both sides of the note.

The following features can be observed on the back of the note:

  • An iridescent band with the inscription $2,000
  • Right BCU 2,000 registration varnish
  • The figure 2,000 is varnished in the bottom left corner

You can access our website to view a brochure about the new bill and explore an interactive application where all the security features mentioned above are demonstrated.

It is important to note that all previous banknote series will remain in circulation.

At the time of publication, one Uruguayan Peso (UYU) trades for approx. $0.032 USD.

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