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At a press conference on Wednesday, June 7, the National Bank of Georgia announced that, from September 2017, the Bank will put into circulation new banknotes in the denomination of 5 lari.

It is a continuation of the Bank’s currency upgrade process; the 20-, 50- and 100-lari banknotes have already been updated.

The updated five GEL will be released on September 1 and will circulate alongside previous emissions.

The upgraded banknote will maintain the same themes: the front features Ivane Javakhishvili of Tbilisi State University, though a different portrait relief has been used for improved quality and volume.

On the reverse side are representations of paintings by Niko Pirosmani: Fisherman in a Red Shirt and Floor. Also on the reverse is the state coat of arms.

The new 5-lari banknotes are easily understandable for consumers and at the same time they incorporate modern security features. Among them are marks to allow for recognition by the visually impaired.

They are also made of a material that increases their lifespan in circulation, with natural resistance to abrasion and contamination.

The refurbished 5-lari banknote was designed by Bacha Malazonia.

An improved 10-lari banknote will be issued later this year; the National Bank will inform the public of the upcoming release.

For more information on the new series of upgraded banknotes, please visit

Upgraded 20- and 50-lari banknotes have been in circulation since February 1, 2016, while the 100-lari upgraded banknote has been in circulation since November 1 of last year.


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