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CoinWeek Exclusive – Sample IOPS Page
CoinWeek Exclusive – Sample IOPS Page

CoinWeek is the largest independent online media source for rare coin & currency news, video, analysis, and articles contributed by leading experts across the numismatic spectrum.

Our goal is to consistently provide the latest news and instructive content to enhance our reader’s knowledge of numismatics.

We deliver demographically matched readers to our advertisers’ target demographic interested in dealing only with the finest companies in the numismatic industry.

COINWeek provides our advertising clients with expert guidance in traditional ad campaign planning, marketing , social media, video production and custom consulting services.

However, CoinWeek has also developed a  New and Innovative program, unique to CoinWeek,  called  CoinWeek Partner Pages ©.

This program is a totally new approach in providing customer acquisition and messaging on digital news and publishing sites. With years in development, Coinweek now has the ability to integrate a sponsor directly into the very fabric of the CoinWeek website, offering premium content to our users across multiple platforms, and at the same time not only branding our sponsors but presenting their products and services within the organic content of the site.

Loosely called “Native” advertising, nobody in the numismatic marketplace can offer you a marketing solution this unique, powerful and effective…except CoinWeek!

The program goes far beyond traditional banner Ads and challenges many of the ill-founded assumptions about online advertising and marketing. We invite you to contact us for more information on the IOPS © program.  We will even build a customized “sample page”  so you can see exactly what CoinWeek can do for you.

Call Editor Charles Morgan at 800-579-5228 for Details

*CoinWeek does NOT buy, sell, grade or auction coins and currency.