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Penguins Back on New Falkland Islands Coin from Pobjoy Mint

2017 Falkland Islands Penguins - Pobjoy Mint

Falklands 50p Penguin Series – The Gentoo Penguin

  • Penguins in full color with collector’s album!
  • Cupro Nickel Diamond Finish 50 pence coin
  • Low mintage of 7,500!
  • Second 50 pence of a 4 coin set to be minted in 2017

The Coin

It has been almost 10 years since Pobjoy Mint has produced currency for the Falkland Islands, so we felt that we needed to do something special! The Falkland Islands refer to themselves as the penguin capital of the world as more than one million penguins nest on the Islands. Therefore, in 2017, Pobjoy will mint a set of four beautiful indigenous penguins in color on 50-pence pieces. We are also producing a collector’s pack to unite the set, which sets the coins around a bait ball!

The reverse features an adult Gentoo Penguin cuddled up with its two chicks. Sitting on a rocky mountain outcrop, where they like to nest, the cute trio really conjure up a heart-warming image. The obverse features a new and exclusive effigy design of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Behind the Coin

The Gentoo Penguin is one of about three penguins within three species in the genus Pygosceli found on the Falkland Islands and around the Antarctic. They are recognizable by a white strip across the top of its head and a bright orange bill. It also has one of the largest tails among all penguin species.

The penguin is renowned for its waddle and its sweeping tail that moves side to side when it walks. Its scientific name actually means “rump-tailed”! Gentoo penguins grow quite large (being the third-largest species of penguin), and the males reach a height of 90cm with a weight of about 8.5kg. They sustain themselves primarily on a diet of krill, crustaceans and fish, which they catch with ease due to their top swimming speed of 22mph.

It is estimated that the current population of the Gentoo is around 300,000 breeding pairs so they are not classified as endangered. However, some populations have fallen by around two thirds over the last 25 years. Predators of the Gentoo include Sea Lions, Leopard Seal and Killer Whales. They also have their eggs stolen by hungry sea birds.

Order & Delivery Notes

Falkland Islands 2017 Gentoo Penguin colored coin order information courtesy Pobjoy Mint

Coin Specifications

Metal: CuNi
Diameter: 27.30 mm
Weight: 8.00 g
Issue Limit: 7,500


Falkland Islands 2017 Gentoo Penguin colored coin presentation set. Image courtesy Pobjoy Mint

We have produced a collector’s album (sold separately) for this set of colored penguins which shows the penguins around a bait ball. It also gives important facts and information about the individual penguins.

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