By Doug DavisFounder & President, Numismatic Crime Information Center (NCIC) ……

Residential Burglary

Detectives with the Santa Cruz County, California Sheriff’s Office are investigating a residential burglary that resulted in the loss of 90+ Englehard 100 oz silver ounce bars.

Anyone with information about this theft – or anyone who is offered a large number of 100oz bars – please contact:

Detective Christine Jones
[email protected]
(831) 346-7990


Detective John Habermehl
[email protected]
(831) 454-7640

Refer to Case #19-1045

Home Invasion Robbery

Investigators with the Dalworthington Gardens, Texas Police Department are investigating a home invasion burglary where two men wearing ski masks ambushed the wife as she arrived home, duct-taped her to a chair and waited for her husband to return home. When the husband entered the house, he was struck in the head several times with a baseball bat, causing serious bodily injury before the perpetrators ransacked the house.

Investigators are not releasing any suspect information or a list of missing property at this time. However, they believe it was a targeted attack because the couple owns and operates Arlington Gold and Silver Exchange in Pantego, Texas. The victim, although severely beaten, is expected to survive.

Dealers should be extremely cautious during the Holiday season and be alert to any suspicious activity. Request close patrols of your business. Make note of any unusual phone calls, suspicious customers or vehicles that may be parked in front of your business or in the parking lot. Change your daily routes to and from the business. Do not hesitate to contact 911 if you suspect or identify a threat.

Discuss potential threats with family members and employees.

Be safe.

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Please contact the Numismatic Crime Information Center’s Doug Davis if you have questions or information about any of the cases above. You can reach him at (817) 723-7231, or email him at [email protected].

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