scrapquarterUnder the authority of 31 U.S.C. 5120, the United States Mint established a program by which people and businesses could exchange bent and partial coins for reimbursement. Fused or mixed coins cannot be redeemed by the United States Mint.

Because of the possibility of unlawful activity on the coin exchange program, the United States Mint is suspending its redemption of bent and partial coins for a period of six months to assess the security of the program and develop additional safeguards, as necessary, to ensure the integrity of United States coinage.

The redemption of uncurrent coins, as defined by 31 CFR 100.10(a), is unaffected by this suspension.Uncurrent coins may still be redeemed by Federal Reserve banks and branches in accordance with the criteria and procedures set forth in 31 CFR 100.10.

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About the United States Mint

usmintThe United States Mint was created by Congress in 1792 and became part of the Department of the Treasury in 1873. It is the Nation’s sole manufacturer of legal tender coinage and is responsible for producing circulating coinage for the Nation to conduct its trade and commerce. The United States Mint also produces numismatic products, including proof, uncirculated, and commemorative coins; Congressional Gold Medals; and silver and gold bullion coins. The United States Mint’s numismatic programs are self-sustaining and operate at no cost to taxpayers.


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