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All the people who come to numismatics, regardless of what path they have taken, represent both the past and the future of this hobby. From novice collectors just starting out to seasoned dealers, or local coin clubs in rural communities to huge national organizations in our largest cities, it is the people within the hobby and within the industry that make this one of the most dynamic and passionate elective pursuits in the world. CoinWeek is pleased to be at the nexus of this interaction and to report on all aspects of the drive to collect and the social interactions within our chosen areas of interest.

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Recent Club News

Liberty Seated Collectors Club Hall of Fame nominations due


The Hall of Fame Committee composed of club members Len Augsburger, Bill Bugert, Tom DeLorey, Gerry Fortin and Mark Sheldon wishes to inform the membership that we are accepting nominations for the Liberty Seated Collectors Club’s 2016 Hall of Fame (HoF). Please consider honoring a noteworthy individual to this prestigious distinction for his/her contributions to the club and/or to the advancement of collecting Liberty Seated coinage.

Basic qualifications for club member nominees are significant advances in or contributions to at least one of the following four criteria:

  • Numismatic Research on Liberty Seated coinage
  • Numismatic Literature related to Liberty Seated coinage
  • Collection(s) of Liberty Seated coinage
  • LSCC Club officer (for at least five years)

Previous inductees to the HoF include Kamal M. Ahwash (deceased), John W. McCloskey, Alfred E. Blythe (deceased), Randall E. Wiley, Brian Greer, Jim O’Donnell (deceased), Gerry Fortin, Eugene Gardner (deceased), and Jim Gray. This year’s inductee will be announced at the LSCC 2017 Annual meeting at the August ANA Convention.

The nominations must be received no later than April 15, 2017 and are due to the HoF Chairman, Bill Bugert, via email.

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